Hi all, does anyone take ldn and avonex? im a bit confusedas the fact sheet that came with my ldn percsription states a intereaction with beteinterferon?? regards to all… Tony…

have u contacted dicksons to ask then? or linda at ldn trust?

ellie x

*note i havent called u anything but i am thinking it!!!

hi ellie, hope your well… no i havent but will now, i e/mailed norman poole! but yet to get a reply and my ldn is in the fridge waiting…just a bit unsure at the mo as the avonex has in my opinion been good to me. regards (TC)…

Hi tc - It is perfectly safe to take both LDN and Avonex together. Don’t wait. There is no contraindication and there’s a lot of people taking both beta-interferon and LDN together.

The advice about contraindications comes from the years when both the action of LDN and beta-inteferon wasn’t known. You will still see people commenting on forums that beta-interferon is an immunosuppressant - it isn’t. If you look up Rebif or Avonex on Wikipedia there is a very good explanation on how it works - by strengthening the blood/brain barrier and also modifying the immune system.

In RRMS, LDN doesn’t ‘boost’ the immune system. It may well work in a different way in PPMS/SPMS, but I don’t know. You will be fine - just start with a low dose of LDN and hopefully, you’ll enjoy those dreams. I had some excellent vivid dreams when I started LDN. I was quite sorry that they stopped.

best wishes,