Can anyone tell me if you can take ldn with rebif please? i didnt know about ldn until i read these boards. i was put on rebif very soon after diagnosis and was not offered this option. thankyou.

i have rrms. i have been on rebif for over 6 years.


I am not on ldn so do not know for sure but I thought I read somewhere you cannot take it if taking a drug such as interferon - look at the ldn research trust website and you may find the information you need,

Mixing treatments always put you in a type of experimental situation anyway since drugs are seldom ever tested together anyway.

When I did my original research for my wife back in 2004, LDN was little known in the UK so most of the people I made contact with were in the US and they had all started on LDN in addition to the licensed drugs. Most but not all had then dropped the licensed drugs when they found out LDN was more effective at stopping disease progress.

Those I did speak to that had kept on the licensed drugs in addition to LDN did not seem to be having any problems.

In 2004 the official story was that LDN could not be mixed with the licensed drugs, the official story now is that it can be. Not sure either statement was based on any evidence however.

All I would suggest is that if you do decide to try LDN in addition to rebif you keep careful notes on results. LDN can be very individually dose critical anyway so you really do need to keep note of results anyway to insure you have some basis to decide what dose is right for you anyway.

There are quite a few people who successfully combine both treatments and it now seems perfectly ok to do so.
Take a look at this thread for a more detailed explanation


There is no scientifc evidence that LDN slows progression. Some people may believe it has stopped their progression however there is no way of knowing what has caused the MS to slow down. MS is quite capable of plateauing on its own without any medical intervention.

In answer to the orginal question I am sure people with experience of taking LDN with Rebif will respond responsibly sharing their experience.

By the way, David, I am still eagerly anticipating your responses to Karen and Geoff on this thread http://www.mssociety.org.uk/node/632488 I do hope you haven’t forgotten about it.

I have taken LDN and rebif for nearly two years with no problems at all and with my neurologists approval - so long as I sourced it myself with a private prescription , which I did using EMed and Dicksons Pharmacy to supply. I think LDN has helped a bit with bladder ( retention ) and, perhaps, slowed any progress of ms to a snail’s pace! No relapses for 2 years now. Do I thank rebif or LDN for that? Who knows - belt and braces works for me. I have suffered low White cell and platelet counts though - this due to rebif. Hope this helps. Roger.

Thankyou for the replies. You have all been helpful. A difference of views is what i needed so i can make an informed choice and that is definately what i got! lol!! Thanks to all who have sent pm’s also.

I will continue to do some research into this.

Best wishes

Teresa. x