Lack of services


I was recently asked by a Dr to look into a going to a support centre. Once I looked into this centre I find out that it is very difficult for me to access. This centre does offer outreach in other parts of my city but these are just as difficult to get to as the centre itself. They have no transport available to the main centre only to the outreach centres. It's not based in a very central location (about 3 miles outside the city centre). Unless you can drive or have someone who can take you it's difficult for most people to access. Nearly 2 hours on a bus when you get back and leg pain doesn't seem fun to me.

If find stuations like this very annoying. They're most likely based where they are for financial reasons but for those of us who would benefit from access to services it is very annoying. The area where I live specifically (Glasgow East) has nothing on offer. A once a month meeting in the evenings can be less than some people would like.

My MS causes problems with my walking, most notably the distance I can walk. So I have become almost a recluse but not quite. Although current problems with other medications have made this so for a number of reasons and unless my GPs get their act in gear may take months to resolve.

I always thought living in a city would mean it would be easier to access some services but I sometimes feel as though I may as well live in the middle of nowhere.

Does anyone else have this issue? Or just wish there was something you could do to change things?

Hi Lowwie

Have you thought of organising a chat/cuppa somewhere near to yourself? You could choose premisies where u know u can get to?

Just an idea-sorry if its not possible. Am just thinking that perhaps others would be willing to travel towards you?

Theres a few of is meet in Glasgow-irregularly-next meet hasnt yet been planned-its in The Arches-which is central so maybe isnt of use to you? We only met through here.................

I know know of any local stuff that I can help you with as I am well south of Glasgow.

Ellie x

Sorry-last sentence should read 'dont know'

Ellie x

City centre is easy for me. There's nowhere really to go in the east anyway. That way it's more central and easier for more people. I'm not very good at arranging things though. I'm good at complaining but not very good at doing things to change that. If I knew where to start I could probably try something.