Knee Pain

Intermittent bouts of right knee pain. So painful that at times I can’t weight bear on the right leg. (not too painful when not using it.)

Knee looks o.k. - not swollen and not out of alignment as far as I can tell.

Is the problem likely to be nerve based. Is there anything I should be doing - would a binding on the knee help - exercising the muscles helpful??


Your best bet is to get a GP/physio to check you out and identify what is causing the pain. Knees are hugely complex and no point in guessing.

I’m having this problem for some time now. Last year’s orthopaedic investigation (MRI and x-ray) showed a “stable meniscal tear” from 2011. I have had cortisone injection in the right knee every four months last year. This year there are no clinics so no injection. The last few months I’m just like you describe. Not too bad on resting but excruciating when weight bearing and having a detrimental effect on trying to Stan, turn etc.

I mentioned it to the neuro last Monday when I saw her. She feels it’s related to the ms and recommended paracetamol!

I didn’t comment as I am about to go on sativex as soon as I get the prescription.

thanks - I’m assuming (a dangerous thing to do!) that as the pain is intermittent - some days not there at all - that it’s nothing to do with the knee structure but somehow m.s. nerve related??

would gentle stretching exercises help?

I really don’t know what to think. It’s there all the time when weight bearing. I can’t get any answers until I ever get to orthopaedics again. Praying for a miracle when I start the sativex.

thanks Seren - I’m not on any drugs - never have been so its not that.

I assume that the problem isn’t the actual knee otherwise it would be ever present. So I guess it must be nerve related? The pain is bad enough but I simply can’t walk when it strikes!