Kind of new to it all

Hi all I have recently been diagnosed with MS! Although Im no stranger to the illness as I am the 5th member of the family to be diagnosed! Does any body else have family members that also suffer? Also I was wondering if somebody could explain the pains they get(if they get them)? I woke up from a nap yesterday feeling like I had been in a fight and it hasnt eased at all. Any advice/help would be appreciated

Hi Sammiejo,

I know there are people on this forum who have family members with MS, i’m not one of them though!

I get pain which i describe as joint/bone pains, when i wake they are worse, or if i am inactive for a while. I take gabbapentin which was perscribed for nerve pain. Maybe have a chat with your GP or nurse.

Laura x

Thank you laura. Thats really helpful x