Just wanted to share


Just wanted to do a share. For quite a while I have been feeling really down and I have not been coping at all. I have so much going on, on top of the MS that I feel that at times I was going to shatter. I don’t know if the depression is a direct symptom of MS or if it is subsequent depression or a combination of both. However, over the last week I have started to feel so much better. I think that this is a combination of a few factors.

  • I have started taking a different brand of St John’s wort - ‘HRI - Good Mood’. (very good)
  • I have started taking Bart’s ginger paste (half tspn). Anti-inflamatory.
  • I take a half tspn of Ceylon cinnamon a day (in hot water). Anti-inflamatory.
  • I do deep breathing exercises before I go to sleep.
  • I have started to eat several portions of oily fish a week. Very mood enhancing.
  • I do as much exercise as I can.

I have ten lesions but haven’t been fully diagnosed yet. I have another MRI at the end of this month. I know I have MS and they know I have MS. I have another complication on my brain which they have to investigate. As such, I do not have access to medication as yet. So I am using this time to see what I can do for myself. I have been very stressed and very depressed and up until a week ago I felt as though I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I feel very well today and a lot more relaxed. So, I just wanted to share this with you, in case it might help someone else feel a little better.



I think you are doing really well Adrian…I think its important that we do as much as we can personally to improve our wellbeing and i believe that is influenced by what we eat and drink and our state of mind.

I’m really glad that you’re feeling better, it makes it so much easier to keep up the excercise etc…which is then a self fulfilling prophecy.


I’m glad you’re feeling better Adrian. I’ve taken a similar tack - taking vitamin supplements, eating much more healthily, exercising where I can, and generally doing all those things you’re meant to do. At the very least it’s not going to hurt, and if it’s making us feel even slightly better than we would otherwise than it’s definitely worth it.

Thanks. I didn’t mention that I have started doing an eight week Mindfullness course. I have been to one session so far. It’s pretty good. I have been doing this body scanning technique which enables you to become more aware of each part of your body. Very relaxing and enables you to enjoy the moment rather than worrying about everything else that is going on in your world.

Thanks for your replies.


Hello Adrian, from one Welsh boy, to another, I hope things improve for you. Regards Gareth

Thanks Gareth. Hope things get better for you and everyone else too. I think things are improving slowly, it’s just been one hell of a journey so far.

Thanks a lot.

Adrian :slight_smile: