Feeling Better

Hi All,

Well started to keep a diary every day like you all suggested whilst i have pins and needles constant in my feet i can bear it… Feels as if i am getting a bit of a break or just living with it.Still get the tightening in my ribs depending on what i am doing for example if i walk faster than normal or do more house work this appears but i can live with it …

Do you think after 7 mths i am getting a breather or do you think i am learning to cope with it.

Got the consultant in two weeks this is my second appointment just have to wait and see if he will do the secong MRI

Mandy63 x

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between things getting better or us getting better at dealing with them. Either way, it’s good!

Good luck at the appointment :slight_smile:

Karen x

Thx Karen x

Think your right its hard to know if i am coping or its getting better cos its still there does that make sense ??

Mandy x

Hi Mandy,

I feel loads better too. I am not sure if I am in remittance or if it is the regime I am on or a bit of both.

I have been taking cinnamon (1/2 tspoon daily) for the last couple of weeks and I’m pretty convinced this is having a positive effect, Apparently it is a really good at dealing with inflamation and they are conducting some research at the moment. I am also taking B12, D3, Omega3 and a probiotic. I went to the olympics tonight and I had an amazing time. I sprinted up the escalators on the way home. I think that this is pretty good for a 45 year old who has MS, I haven’t been able to do this for at least 6 months.

I think that what I’m trying to say is, is that if you do have MS you are probably in remittance, I think that I am too.

I need to have a second MRI before I am fully diagnosed, even though my initial MRI showed several lessions, so I am using this time to try other therapies before I am given dmds.

Anyway, hope this helps and good luck.

Adrian :wink:

|Hi Adrian

I am glad u r feeling better … If i were to sprint up stairs i would pay for it later lol anyway hope you are well today and what a night to go to olympics…

Today i am tired with aching legs especially my knees and legs feel numb at bottom does that make sense ?? but i can live with that.:slight_smile:

Still feeling much better though

Sounds like you are in same situation as me i have another appointment in two weeks with neuro hoping he will get my second MRI done fingers legs and everything crossed in saying that wouldnt feel my legs lol

Anyway glad ur feeling good


Hi Mandy,

Yes, I still feel good today. Still on a high. Fantastic evening. I’ve been feeling better and better for the last few weeks. I have felt awful at times this year. I had a really bad attack at the beginning of the year. I had a bout 15 symptoms that progressively got worse and worse until I started taking B12. I was vey scary. I have my next MRI in November. I know that I have MS but they have to do another as this is just a snapshot in time. They want to see if there is any progression before they start any treatment.

Yes, I have had the numb soles. My symptoms seem to radiate through my body but at the moment I am feeling really well. I only seem to have a slight tremour in my hands, very slight. I have a really good diet, I avoid sugar, dairy products and wheat. I exercise and I take supplements. I am convinced that this has really helped over the last few months.

Yes, I would definitely have suffered a month ago but at the moment, I know that I can push myself, which is great.

I hope that you have a nice Sunday and that you continue to feel better.

Adrian :wink: