Just want to be left alone!

I have great family, supportive wife, fantastic kids, good friends and understanding work colleagues but just on the odd occasion I want to be left alone to my own thoughts, my own uncertainties, my own pain, my own positiveness, my own negativeness and my own MS.

Today was one of those days but I’ll be back in the groove tomorrow xx


Know exactly what you mean.

Snap, know exactly what you mean, especially when I have one of those spells were you have lots of hospital,doctors, district nurses and wheelchair repairs but I’ll be OK tomorrow.


I quite understand the feeling, Pops !

Just have trouble with idea of wanting to be left alone, and stating so on a public forum !!

Why post at all if you’re feeling that way ?



The thing about posting on a forum is it’s entirely your own choice and you can walk away any time you please. It’s interaction without physical interaction or noise or people invading your space or having expectations of you. You’re entirely the boss of the situation, so it’s great even when you need alone time.

Me, I have too much alone time, part of me wishes I had a nice support network around me that I could get a bit fed up with every now and again…contrary devils us humans, right?



At the time of posting I was feeling better and less anxious. I have always been told that the forum was full of people who didn’t question but tried to understand.

That will be my last post as I have no intention of being made to feel that bad again.

Thank you.


Don’t go away and leave us.

I read your original post in the way you meant it. Sometimes we just need to say something on here that we just can’t say to the people who love us.

Dom was maybe just having an ornery moment. I’m not 100% certain what ‘ornery’ means but I’m sure that’s what it was. That’s mostly what I’m feeling today. There are times when I answer posts and I really shouldn’t.

(This is not one of the posts I shouldn’t answer - but honestly my brain is just getting itself in knots)

Love Sue x



We all know exactly how you feel about being left alone some days. I get that so much.

I for one want to help you through those bad days. Just ignore the comments that make you feel worse. That’s what I do. I now know who makes me feel worse and I flick past their replies.

Please don’t leave us. So many of my friends on here have left recently for those reasons.


Shazzie xx

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When I have one of those days and want to be alone, I do my best to do just that…be alone! Even if it means retiring to bed and reading a book or going somewhere quiet, even a flipping library! :slight_smile:

I do think Dom has a point though, why post something like that unless you want to draw attention to your feelings and get the comments and not be left alone? And as for the I’m leaving remark, well that is personal choice.

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hey pops

we all need the occasional garbo day when ve vant to be alone!

i love my bed so much that i call it fred.

i’m going for a snuggle with my lovely fred soon.

(it s called fred because i got my words muddled once, trying to say “i’m going to bed frank” and it came out as fred)

now i’m explaining how i muddled my words.

oh poor me, i used to be bright and even clever ha ha ha!

carole x


I have great family, supportive wife, fantastic kids, good friends and understanding work colleagues but just on the odd occasion I want to be left alone to my own thoughts, my own uncertainties, my own pain, my own positiveness, my own negativeness and my own MS.

Today was one of those days but I’ll be back in the groove tomorrow xx

[/quote] Yeh! Yeh! the sun will come out tomorrow! but in the meantime %$"£*$%$£ i’m with you dude, sometimes meak & mild others. cover ya ears, like a spoilt child i js wont 2 b left alone pls

good luck, juju wink

isn,t it nice to talk on open formum,& the present Mrs juju says chill xxsmiley

I’ve been a member here about 7 years…maybe more.

However, in all that time of logging on almost daily, I reckon I’ve had around 3 ‘set tos’ with other members. Through those times I have nursed my sore feelings, but have let it go, cos for every 1 reply that hurt or upset me, there were 100+ who supported me and gave me what I needed.

So Pops, if you’re still there, I hope you don’t go, cos I always value your input.

As I’ve said before, this forum is the only place we can go where we are not judged and we are understood.

So let’s hope we can all be friends, yeh?




Totally understand buddy! Chin up m8! Love the positive posts and the others well you know what to do with them eh!

Hope your getting through the wee bad patch coz that’s just what it is m8 a bad patch! “The birdies will sing again for you paul”

Take care m8… Paul

Can I just second all the replies; we all have days when you want the world to just **** off and stop bothering you with inconsequential stuff… and when you’re inundated with letters, appointments for this that and the other, phone calls and people asking solicitously asking ‘how you are’… well, I have a life changing disease and am trying to get to grips with what it has done/is doing to me, but other than that, I’m fine - please stop asking, I’ll let you know if anything changes!! I know that sounds callous, but I guess we all deal with stuff in different ways. I don’t like to talk about it much, because then I’ll just scare myself… this place is useful for letting off steam occasionally, in the knowledge that others here understand and won’t judge.

POPS…geez a kiss till I get my giro on Tuesday…heehaw… Phuk it buddy…speak “tomorrow”

hi pops

i have a wonderful family too, and on the outside aside from the MS, everything is great, BUT we’re all human and sometimes just want someone to listen to us when we sound off. not comment, judge, or guide but just listen (or read, to be more accurately).

to the people who are quizzing you regarding the cognitive dissonance of commenting that you want to be left alone, please remember that no one is the arbiter of anyone elses feelings/ thoughts/ statements etc. unless they cause offence. if they do cause offence, we have administrators who are present to moderate such comments and anyone is welcome to report such posts to them. However someone posting that they ‘want to be left alone’ is not an offensive thing to say. the bottom line is pops, that we are all here to state how we feel, support each other, make each other think, etc. SO anyone who is so easily offended by your understandable statement had best stay away as to not be offended in the future.

basically- if they don’t like it, they can lump it*. you carry on and state how you feel mate as there are many more people who want to listen and help if they can

take care, fluffyollie

*i want to use stronger terms here but they WILL offend hehe!


It`s looking like we have lost Pops…shame.


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Thanks for all your comments.

I am not the sort of person who let’s comments by others affect me but on that day I had received bad news about my sister’s cancer and had just helped my neighbour into a car for his daughter to take him to a hospice. It was not good timing and really sealed a crap couple of days.

Anyway, I am still around, to the annoyance of some and will continue to offer help and support to those who request it.

MS is very frustrating but its good to know the majority of people here understand what people may be going through



Good. Happy you’re still here Pops. Sorry for all your bad news. I hope your sister will fight through ok.

I can’t lose my fellow misbehaver from the old days working hard (!) in the city!!

love Sue xxx

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Hi Pops, sorry you are having such a tough time,of it,you have a lot to cope with just now.stay strong.

J x

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