Just seen Neuro

Hi, I’ve followed this sight for a while and I just wanted to share my experiance today with you. Attended my first Neuro appointment today. I was very worried after reading different accounts of people’s visits to the neuro but don’t quite know what to make of today.

I had restless legs, fatigue and muscle weakness whilst in the Army but worked through them, this was from 2001 to 2010.

In 2010, I had flu and the Norvo virus together and have not been right since, left Army in 2007.:

Fatigue, loss of short term memory, lack of grip and constant dropping of things, sharp pains in feet and pins and needles all over. Urinary incontinence and bowel problems, period issues, loss of labido and sensation, cold trickling feeling down leg but nothing there. blurry right eye, Loss of feeling and use of left arm and body. Unable to move neck. Can’t hold a pen or limited use of laptop. Hearing issues, suble tremors and muscle spasm’s. The list is endless but hasten to add I don’t get these all at the same time but I do have worse weeks and better ones.

Where I am getting confused is that he was more interested in my past ie, an emotional issue I had whilst in the army and the viral infection in 2010. He thought it did not tick all the boxes for MS, which would be a relief but I don’t agree. I was diagnosed last year with Fybromyalgia, which would cover alot of the above but it just does not feel right. He checked me over but gave no feed back, my husband thought it went well. He has agreed to an MRI scan of head and neck but it will be in a few months time, He did say he would see then but may eat his words. he has referred me to a urologist. He did mention that my doctor had written that I thought I had MS, which I had not mentioned as I thought he would think it was “all in my head”.

I wasn.t expecting a dx but I was a bit miffed by the way he sort of dismissed my symptoms. I have kept a diary of what I have been experiencing ie half hand numbness with two fingers etc and I hope he reads or a least looks at it and does not think me crazy or a hypercondriac. I went from a walking stick to a rollator in two years but I do also require a knee replacement and grade 4 Osteoathritis. Anyway sod’s law today was a very good day and managed to walk a little for him.

Anyway, end of rant and thanks for reading. Jo…

Hi Jo, and welcome

In my experience, a lot of neuros are strange beings so try not to read too much into his behaviour. The important thing is that he’s sending you for MRI, plus (hopefully!) you’ll get some help for your continence problems.

He was probably interested in your bad experience in the Army and your virus because both of these can lead to neurological problems - so it’s important to explore them as possible causes.

I have to say that I will be very surprised if he reads your diary - they normally don’t have the time for things like that :frowning: It might be worthwhile you doing a very brief summary/list for him for the next appointment so he has all the important info.

In the meantime, try and keep an open mind about what’s causing your symptoms: there are literally hundreds of possibilities and MS is just one of them.

Hang in there.

Karen x

Hi Rizzo and thank you.

I’ve had time to sleep on it and know from reading on here that i’m lucky to be referred for an MRI as some people struggle terribly to get that. Thanks for your words, I know i probably come across as hypersensitive but i know as others do, its my own body and i know somethings not right, it’s so frustrating when i look so well on the outside, (apart from the legs). So i’m going to just take a big deep breath, have a laugh and let it go over my head and see what happens. Thanks again, Jo.