Just me?!!!!

Hi Steph, Oliver, is it just my computer showing 219 users & what seems to be encrypted text?!!! Not seen this before, ever! Tracey

i haven’t seen it tracey.

have you been putting too much g in your g & t

Just remember Tracey, half and half is the general idea. And keep up the fruit, that way it’s virtually a health drink. By the way, is your pleurisy better?

It’s not encrypted. Your screen is upside down.

Happens to me all the time.

Bugger, I knew I should have remembered something beginning with T, the tonic. Yes thanks Sue, lungs still intact, the Gin killed the infection, I’m convinced of it. Your right Mr D, I’ve turned it round now & got a duster. Last nights tea was very nice, but has made the screen a tad opaque, didn’t notice til I put my glasses on. xx

So we only need to find out who the other 218 people are who are using your computer

Mr D.

Think I would rather not know Mr D, ignorance is bliss, unless, I have now got psychic powers & tuned into a Russian site, hopefully I won’t be done for computer hacking.