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Just keep feeling worse…..Partner diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Hi lovelies, I can’t get to grips with this MS thing at all, it leaves me so confused with my symptoms and I can’t stop dwelling on them all the time.
I put an entry on here is September as I thought I was having a relapse, and was due to have an MRI, I’d also hurt my back which didn’t help with the confusion, but I’m glad to say that has got better and so have some of the issues associated with it that I wasn’t sure if were due to a relapse or just from my back.
I got the brain MRI results back which are good, no sign of any new lesions. I saw my Neuro and was examined, he said it’s an exacerbation of symptoms not a relapse.
BUT…… since then things have got worse again, my feet are numb and sometimes tingling, my legs feel so heavy and weak. I also get pain in thighs and lower back especially in the evening when I sit down for the evening. Even in bed my legs ache. It’s making me so depressed, I can’t stand it. I’ve was diagnosed in August 2021and it seems it’s getting pretty bad very quickly.
To help matters!!!... My partner has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and has started chemo, following surgery to remove a lump and her lymph nodes. She has the very aggressive kind, so will be having Radiotherapy after Chemo. I’m desperately worried and scared for her but try to be supportive and reassuring. I feel so stressed, but just feel like I’m existing and not living. I’m speaking to my MS nurse tomorrow to see what she has got to say. As I wonder if my symptoms are just stress related, or if I am relapsing!!
I’m not sure what I’m asking you guys really but any advice would be welcome. Thanks guys….xx

Blimey, sounds like you are both up against it at the moment, I do think that stress exacerbates symptoms and may lead to relapses, but how the heck are we supposed to calm down?
As an ex techie, I try to break big issues into smaller bits which can be easier to deal with.
I am pleased for you that you will see / speak with your MS nurse and hope they can offer good advice and reassurance.
all the best

Hello Ollie, I am hoping your MS nurse had some useful advice to give you.

You and your dear partner are going through a terrible time. It will take all your strength to cope and find a way through.

Sending you both lots of love and best wishes.


Hi Ollie

That’s a whole bunch of really tough stuff to process - anyone in the same boat would feel like you do. The first thing to say is that you will need emotional support. This could be professional, like counselling, or through a strong network of friends/family who can create a safe space to listen. Give your GP a call to see what services they could offer. (Here in Sheffield we have something called IAPT - Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, where we can access information, self refer and do online courses, so there may be something where you are).
And do things that feed you - get into nature, write a gratitude list every day, watch comedies, play…
And, of course, come on here to let off steam.