Just diagnosed

Hey everyone, So as the title suggests I’ve just been diagnosed with RRMS on Halloween of all days lol! I’m pretty scared of what the future holds, and just wondered if you have any advice about what to expect when you first get this lovely news? I’ve signed up for one of the living well with MS courses. Thanks Kelly. Xx

hi kelly

trick ot treat?

some trick that!!

the living well with ms course should be good.

as also is the annual info course/event by the ms society.

the one i went to was at the manchester arena and absolutely huge.

i’d looked at the programme and chosen which bits i wanted to see.

however it was a lot like glastonbury, you always miss the band you really wanted to see.

hope the relief of not being in limbo will offset the fact that you have been diagnosed.

pop back whenever the reality of it all gets too much.

my instinct is to open my arms and hug you, which i did. hope you felt it.

now the telling of family and friends.

i’d have thought i’d hate that but it was good.

hugged and kissed almost to death.

it seems that limbo is as bad for those who care about us.

love, hugs and kisses

carole x

Hello Kelly I got my diagnosis on Halloween too - one of the upsides to this is that its an easily remembered date when asked when your diagnosis was? I also experienced my first symptoms on 4th July - another easily remembered date? I just hope my next relapse isn’t on December 25th - Ho ho ho… Dr A

Thanks guys , the replies are appreciated. I thought that too at least it’s memorable day haha. Like you said Carole at least I’m out of limbo now, thank you for the hug I needed it lol. X

Welcome to the club. Obviously not a club that any of us want to be a part of! I was diagnosed 4 weeks ago after 7 long months. Even though I knew it was coming it hit me harder than I expected. My advice would just be to take each day as it comes and try not to over think things - I am an expert at this so know that it doesn’t come easily. As my MS nurse said, there is no need to rush or make rash decisions. Let yourself feel the emotions, and there will be a lot. It definitely feels overwhelming but just be kind to yourself. Eat and drink well to give yourself the best chance to can. Lots of luck. You’ve totally got this.

Oh welcome to Kelly, Dr A and Joey

Honestly you newbies are doing such an ace job of looking out for each other, it’s brilliant.

There is as Joey said, no need to overthink things. Try to absorb the info and the MS. Don’t fight it. Don’t bother trying to ‘accept’ the diagnosis. Feel as sad and miserable as you like. Or as angry and sweary as necessary.

When you have wobbles, questions thoughts, feel free to come and ask what you need to know. If we can, we’ll help.