Newly Diagnosed

Hey All,

Saw my neuro last night and i finally got diagnosed!. I have RRMS, i have 4 new brain lesions but the one in my spine looks better but there is a hint that there is another smaller one there.

I am doing ok as i have had my mind in limbo well he said lol. I said i had done some research and he was pleased that i was mentally prepared and it made telling me alot easier he said hahaha.

He was really nice and i asked a few important questions and got satisfactory answers. He is starting me on copaxone and setting me up with their MS nurses. He did say it can take a while as have to get funding and lots of paperwork to fill in. Didn’t say exactly how long but i guess i waited this long to find out so it doesn’t really matter i suppose.

I feel ok, maybe a little stunned as it is strange hearing it out of his mouth even if i was expecting it. Hubby is ok, again i prepared him and he little upset for me as he feels its an unknow future and all that, but otherwise handling it well!

My parents…not so much. But i will talk to them today and see if i can put their minds at ease. The way i see it i could get hit by bus tomorrow…and there are worse things i could have!! Overall i am rather jubilant that i now have a diagnosis and i know where my mind has wondered off too and am happy to keep being me and wherever ms takes me i will still be me and just remember that it is in the background somewhere.

Thanks for helping me out while i been in limbo and i valued all your replies. I will hang around as i may need help for a bit yet.!

Neuro did say take time and process it and talk to your family and it will help me adjust as necessary! Bless him…already planning on doing just that!

One last thing…was copaxone a hood choice? I honestly went for one with less side effects as i work, and i not affraid of needles at all, so it didn’t bother me about that part. Just really worried about what to expect from it.?

Any replies may help hehehe.

Lea xxxx

Hi Lea,

Getting a diagnosis is hard, wheter or not you were expecting it, sounds like you have a really positive attitude about things, which is great. However i did find my emotions (and my familys) did go up and down for a while, when trying to get our head round it all, but that’s perfectly normal (or so i have been told!) so don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t feel positive about it somedays, we are entitled to get angry!

Sounds like you have a good neuro, which is always a good start! I don’t know anything about copaxone i’m afraid - other than it carried the least potential side effects. Maybe a post on the Everyday living board may get more replies?

Best of luck for the future

Laura x

Hi.finally got round to placing a comment after my diagnosis last month [june 10th] ,since then its been a whirlwind of telling friends and family which i found particularly upsetting.I felt like the grim reaper|! Also then had my 50th birthday which bought with it its own set of turmoils! Now i seem to have come down to earth almost feeling like its not happened.My neuro has told me to look at this site,do some research and soak up all the information i can.I will then have a follow up appointment in three months. Not sure what to expect as diagnosis was Benign MS? I have had very mild relapses that have hardly affected my life over the last few years.He did mention Disease Modifying Treatment ?? Sorry if this is not enough info or worded incorrectly as this is first time on this or any forum