Newly diagnosed

Hi all

Just been diagnosed with RRMS today after a year of symptoms and tests. Neuro wants me to go on Copaxone, good news is i dont need a lumbar puncture or electro tests which i’m so so relieved about. Mixture of releif at knowing i finally have a diagnosis but an overwhelming sense of confusion. Really terrified of needles etc so really worried about the injections, how does eveyone else cope if you are on them?




first of all it’s good to hear you’ve had a diagnosis and are no longer in the limbo of not knowing whats wrong with you, and without the worry of lumbar puncture, other tests and longer waits.

Re the injections i can’t comment as i’m still waiting in limboland but my brother who’s dx’d with MS has just begun injections. Although i know you have a fear of needles he says its really easy to self administer and as long as you follow the instructions closely i’m sure you’ll be fine. Maybe once you’re referred to the MS team you can discuss the fear and they can then explore any other methods of administration or other forms of treatment that may better suit you?

big hugs


Thanks Mick, sorry to hear you are still waitng to find out, it’s the worst feeling!! I am just waiting on my Nurse/clinic appointments coming through so hopefully wont have to wait too long, i’m sure they will help i just cant imagine me injecting myself every day!


Hi Nic, the injections aren’t as bad as you think they are going to be, I think we all have images of having to get a syringe together and inject like a blood test but actually the auto injectors are very good. Hope you get them sorted soon as sometimes the anticipation of it also causes unnecessary anxiety. Ruth x

Nic, Basically we are in almost the same situation in terms timing and fear of needles, once inadverdantly hit an anaethatist(spelling?) as she couldn’t find a vein and I hated all the blood tests prior to my diagnosis! I don’t have to go through lumbar or electro either(Yay!) but am not being given medication and am waiting to see MS nurse. Weird going from limbo state to the relief and subsequent confusion of diagnosis! Have you tried hypnotherapy? Worked for me with smoking, until I got diagnosed and started again that is.