just can't carry on

morning all I’ve had to admit defeat this morning and call in sick I hate doing it but I feel like everything is just too much to cope with :frowning: the sheer thought of walking to work ( it’s only normally 3mins stroll ) n then having to stand n walk about all day has left me in tears this morning so the phone call has been made n 1 to the dr’s also sorry to moan esp on a Monday but I just felt I needed to get it out somewhere and u guys are so understanding Thanx hope u all have a good day Lou :slight_smile:

Hi Lou Don’t feel bad. It is important to know your own limitations - you shouldn’t push your body past what it can cope with. Plenty of rest and looking after yourself is what the doctor ordered! Take care, Teresa xx

Morning Lou, don’t feel bad, you’ve done the right thing, it’s sounds to me like you need to rest, and think about YOU, I agree with Teresa, plenty of rest and relaxation, take care, Jean x x

Thanx ladies my manager wasn’t to pleased with having to cover my kitchen but hey ho she even came to my house to get my keys which she didn’t really need to do I think she was just checking up on me tbh "/ I’m just off to the dr’s see what she can give me for the tremors n spasms oh n the pains lol oh the joys lol I also hope she mite sign me off for a week or 2 but I doubt it have a good day Thanx Lou :slight_smile:

Hi there, Don’t worry too much as that won’t help how you feel either, I agree with everyone else try and get some rest . I hope your doc see’s how much you need a rest and give you some time off to rest and look after yourself, Take care Margaret x

Been to the doc she signed me off for a week n told me to have complete rest as a mum tho that’s not so easy but will give it a blummin good go lol she wouldn’t give me anything for tremors or spasms as I’m not dx yet but she was very concerned about the weakness down my left side n my more than apparent tremor this morning she’s going to ring the neuro dep at hospital n gee them up with my referral as my optician had also written n comfirmed that I had had another bout if ON with colour loss so an ok visit to the doc I feel although a prescription mite have helped also lol Lou :slight_smile:

hmm def right side that’s weaker atm lol not my left hehe

As a mum of three I can go along with that !!! But please do your best to get some rest, really think your neuro appointment should be pushed forward, you can’t keep going on like that without the proper help/meds, Take care and yes I know it’s easy to say but please do, Margaret x

Hi Lou, I hope you feel a bit better soon. On a more practical level are there any adaptations that could be made to make life easier for you. I don’t know what you do but you refer to a “kitchen” so I’m guessing it’s some sort of cooking or waitressing job , which may not lend itself to being done sitting down, nonetheless there may be things that can be done to make your job easier for you. Also, getting to work, a min stroll isn’t far but it is is you can’t do it. Co uld you drive there,do you drive, could you be dropped off? Ask at your work, they may be able to do things to make life easier for you. Cheryl:-)

Thanx Margaret I’ve actually been good and done nothing since I got home apart from make some lunch n a cuppa :slight_smile: Thanx Cheryl I’m a school catering manager with only 1 other member of staff who works along side me on site ( I cook for 2 skl’s 1’s transported out) I cook for approx 200 a day so fairly busy as u can imagine I had a meeting with my manager last week and filled her in on what was going on n how I was feeling but told her I hoped this wouldn’t effect my work to much ( I love my job the kiddies are so sweet ) and now I feel like a fraud for ringing in sick this morning :frowning: but I’m over that guilty feeling now it’s her problem after all she gets paid a hell of a lot more than I do for her job :slight_smile: my neuro appointment should hopefully be getting pushed thro as an URGENT urgent if that makes sense I’m just hoping I’ve not been imaging all of this u no "/ horrible when u feel ur body mite be playing tricks on u Lou :slight_smile:

How are you today?


hello hun. I`m glad the doc signed you off for a week. Us mums oush ourselves and we arent supposed to be ill, are we?

Look after yourself. Any chance of reducing your hours?

Are you getting DLA? Hope so as you deserve it.

luv Pollx

Hi ladies I’m feeling better a bit within myself today but legs are still jelly like n achey but I’ve managed not use my walking stick do much today :slight_smile: hope every1’s as well as can be today Lou :slight_smile: x