Just Back From My 3rd Opinion

Ok 3rd neuro in 3 years!

I went armed with copies of all my MRIs, plus a typed report of medical history with regard to neuro problems. She basically admitted that it is best to stick with one neuro, although different neuros may diagnose a different thing. The latter point I did not find terribly reassuring - ie do I just pick the DX I fancy. I explained that I just wanted to know which opinion she agreed with so I could follow that course.

Anyway she is going to ask her radiologist to review all my scans and come up with a report. Although she did say that it is possible to have a CIS possibly due to a virus then recover only to have spasticty develop over a long period due to some nerve damage that occurred at the time. Therefore spasticity can continue to get worse even if there is no new disease activity or progression. It basically takes a long time for the spasticity to take full effect. I essentially had a MS attack in 2008, recovered and then spasticity has slowly appeared.

No offence to the male population, but in my experience (through cancer treatment and all this neuro stuff) it is the female doctors who want to listen, dont put you down as “a neurotic menopausal woman” and are prepared to give you more that 5 minutes. I was there for over 1 hour!

I will wait and see what she comes up with.

Keep you posted

Moyna xxx

Moyna I really feel for you. My diagnosis was a problem to pin down too so I really do understand your stress. I started off with a slipped disc in my lower back, turned to possible ms, mri showed cord damage in my neck, had surgery, waited a year to see if symptoms improved, they didn’t. Possible ms, possible spinal cord damage, definitely cord damage, they’ll do an LP just to make sure. That took 3 years and many hours travel and being poked and prodded by more people than I care to remember. Then LP was positive. I now have cord damage at level C5/6 and PPMS. Not a great dx but at least it’s definite and I’m getting the help I need.

I really do understand and really hope that you get the answers you need soon. It’s not a nice place to be not knowing where you belong. Please keep us posted and good luck.

Cath xx

It sounds positive, I’m so glad you got one that really listened

Sonia x

Hope they are able to give you some definite news… and great that she listenend. In general I would agree with you about female doctors, but my first neuro was a woman and if I tried to describe my feelings about her you would just see a whole lots of Filtered Words! But I’m very glad you have found a neuro who listened and is prepared to investigate further. Pat xx