just another symptom to add to the list

Hello, i am looking for some support ive not been diagnosed yet but I have been referred to a neurologists because of my vision problems, numb arms in the morning an pins and needles and more. Today i noticed a pupil bigger than the other an of course im concerned because its another thing that points to MS. Please can anyone talk to me im scared an alone in this i think my family and partner are sick of me.

hi hope

your family will feel guilty when or if you get a diagnosis.

meanwhile try some creative swearing.

F.I.S.H (Fck It Sht Happens) has helped me through a lot of poo.

(hope you’re not offended)

have you got an ms nurse because they are the people to call.

if not, wait for your neuro appointment and take a list of your symptoms including when they started.

see your GP with new symptoms because this will get them entered on your medical records.

carole x

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Hi Hope

It’s possible your partner and family aren’t fed up with you. In fact it’s possible that they are worried too, but are dismissive of your fears because they don’t want them to be true.

That’s what quite often happens when someone you love is worried about a health concern, you try to find reasons why it might not be the worst thing and you end up sounding uncaring when it’s actually the exact opposite.

What we’ll do here is a version of that, we’ll tell you that it might not be MS. That there are lots of other things that look like MS. And that only after you’ve seen the neurologist and maybe had a bunch of tests will you be any further forward.

Meanwhile, try not to worry. Keep talking to us here and we’ll try to understand.


Hi All Not sure if what I experienced back in August was another symptom for my list or not! Had a very good day - was more active than I had been for a while. At the end of the day made my way upstairs to my bedroom - for the first time in a long time I made it in one hit, not having to stop off and rest between floors which is now the norm for me. I reached the bedroom door, at that point , my left arm felt it was bending between the elbow and wrist, my left leg felt “non existent” between the knee and ankle and I found myself hyperventilating. I sincerely thought I was having a stroke! My adult son heard me and came to check on me - “mum you’re not having a stroke, you are talking, your face isn’t lopsided - you look okay”

Has anyone else experienced an episode like this?

Thanks for all of your replies i really wouldn’t know what it is untill i see the neurologist but its such a agonising wait. I’m filling my time with good things hopefully that will be enough to keep my fears at bay.

I wanted to add to this another symptom that’s new to me an that’s eye twitching on an oof for about 6 hours. I was hysterical by the end