Just a moan really lol

Hi Everyone-Hope you’re all ok today.

Just a moan really as being a single parent, with 3 kids )7-13), don’t really have a moaning outlet lol that understands what I’m going through.

Just one of those days. DX’s with artritis and fibromyalgia, but going to have private tests to screen out MS, hence why I’m here.

I’m in the midst of a flare up/relapse, not sure what it is.

Haven’t slept for 3 days/nights, not for lack of trying, but everytime I nod off, I let out a quick gasp of air that wakes me up again, as if my throat muscles are spasming.

My right arm is not working, very limp, with a boneaching pain from mid back, right shoulder down arm, elbow and into wrist/hand. I have tender spots on elbow, wrist and mid back, whcih when pressed, feel like bruises. Also found these under thigh, hip bone, breast bone and under rib.

My breast bone, chest and back last night from about 6pm till 3am felt like they were being squeezed, very painful, but if I pressed down on these areas it did help a little relieve the pain. My knees are bad (arthritis) but the pain in arm also have had in my legs, when I had my first major flare up 2 years ago-worst pain ever. After this first flare up, it left me with mobility issues and this is 2nd flare up in my right arm and worried now after I’m going to be left with weak arm.

I’ve had all wierd things to, like vibrating parts, parts being prodded, uneven temperature around body, vision issues, tingling body parts, feeling like i’m plugged into electric mains, muscle twitches etc. The strangest was a feeling like a phone vibrating between my legs, as I sat on a bench with family members-no-one else felt it.

Broke down in tears after nipping out this morning, as only had to post a letter, but walking to postbpox from car with stick took so much effort, as my stick arm wouldn;t work and the cold seemed to make the pain worse. I think it makes it worse amidst covid because normally I’d seek support, but can’t see anyone now. Had a weep in car before setting off back home to kids. Just hope this flare up goes soon. Felt like a heart attack last night but know its not as it goes when I press on it and goes to differnet parts of my body-just need to know what it is so I can get proper pain relief and treatment.

Sorry just wanted to have a rant x

Hi Betty

Talk to your GP about your concerns.

It may be difficult to refer you to neurology but stick to your guns.

Would you like to see a neuro?

The cold makes my hips stiff and even with my stick it is hard to walk.

Think I need WD40 on my hips

or as my dad used to call it UB40.

Good Luck and I hope you get some decent pain relief soon.

Carole x

Hi Betty, poor you…having cry on your own my help, but feel sorry you have no-one to talk to face to face.

Wondering if you have fibromyalgia or MS? They do sometimes get blamed for each other.

You have us to talk to love.