MS or Fibromyalgia?

So, I was diagnosed with psoartic arthritis about 10 years ago. Then diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. I happily went along with these diagnosis’ and have been working on keeping them at bay. In the mean time I have also been having weird nerve sensations, be it burning feet at night, tingling all down my left arm that is pretty much constant, pain in my neck & back between the upper neck to the lower shoulder blade area. I put all this down to the arthritis and swelling in my joints.

However, yesterday I had chronic & excruiating pain from my neck, into my shoulders, muscle weakness in the back of both my arms, both wrists, numbness down both the outsides of my hands and the sensation of burned skin from my hands going up the mid forearm. The pain was so bad that I could hardly stand, I felt slightly dizzy & light headed. There was no mechanical reason for the nerve pain and none of my muscles were cramped.

I went to bed last night hoping that it would ease off with additional gabapentin & amitriptylene. I awoke this morning to find that the extreme pain had subsided, but some of the symptoms were still with me, the burned skin feeling, weak wrists. I noticed that I had a new symptom though, the whole of my torso trunk, from my ribcage to my hips, had become numb, all the way around my body, like someone had applied a huge strap or bandaging. I feel movement but the other sensations seem to have gone.

Now I don’t want to sound like a hyperchondriac, but having worked for the MS Society years ago at the head office, it started to cross my mind that just maybe this wasn’t the fibro at all. I did some initial research about the symptoms I have been having on Google (yes, yes I know the worst thing to do), but every search kept coming up with possible MS.

I was wondering whether anyone has suffered the same types of symptoms or whether I should just ignore the whole thing and hope it will wear off. Due to my other health issues I do see my doctor quite a lot and I don’t want to seem like I am pestering them too much over something that could be nothing. I could really do with some advice or hearing other peoples experiences. I look forward to hearing from you guys. Many thanks in advance.