Jury Service

I have been called for Jury service. I would love to do it but am unsure I could manage it. I only work 2 days a week now due to increasing mobility issues and fatigue etc. Therefore, I’m not sure I could cope with 5 days a week for perhaps 8-10 days, not able to put my legs up etc. Has anyone had any experience with asking for excusal due to MS? Many thanks, J

I would certainly ask. You should get away with not doing it based on your circumstances. Fortunately i will never have to do it for other reasons

Although I’ve not been in this position, I’m positive you will have no trouble at all being excused on health grounds, should you request it. So it’s down to personal choice, really. If you think there’s a serious risk you might have to pull out for health reasons, potentially disrupting a trial, it would probably be more conscientious to decline from the start. Most people I know who’ve done jury service have not done anything like 8-10 solid days of court hearings, by the way. A lot of the time was spent just waiting around, as they cannot risk ever running out, so usually have more jurors on hand than are needed in practice. Tina

Before I left the UK a no. of years ago I was called, but like you I could not sit for long periods of time plus requiring regular accesss to the toilet so I got an exemption.

Before leaving the K I was caled for jury duty and I was excusewd on health grounds. I could not sit still for the length of a trial and having to use the toilet.

Hi J,

I went on Jury Service a few years back (before I was diagnosed) and I have to say that it was both tiring and stressful.

There was a lot of sitting around waiting to be called and some of the trials going on were about not very nice things. There’s also the chance that a trial can run over and once you’re on the jury you have to attend.

A friend of mine (who suffered from anxiety) found that after a few days she couldn’t cope and was excused, so I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

Mags :slight_smile:

Yes, you can be excused. Call them and let them know you will need regular toilet breaks and transport costs for taxis as well as help with steps (if that’s the case). Ms will be a good enough reason to be excused, You may need to confirm in writing. Take care Neil

Hi a friend of mine was recently (last week) called for jury service and she put on the form all the health problems she has and she has been excused ( she just found out today)