Jury service

Evening all

I have received a summons for jury service this morning and I need a bit of advice.

I was diagnosed 12 years ago with relapsing remitting MS and really just wanted to know can I be excluded from jury service.

Any information gratefully appreciated.

I would think so. State your fatigue, inability to concentrate, cognitive difficulty, toilet needs and frequency…

Looks like you should have a good chance of being excused if you wish it - see para 21 of attached.

Guidance for summoning officers when considering deferral and excusal applications



If you telephone The Jury Central Summoning Bureau on 02072926800, they will be able to advise and help you apply for a ‘Right of Excusal’.

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Just tell them you might have to stop proceedings every half hour to go to the loo. Yes people diagnosed with MS are excluded.


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I’ve always wondered that.

My mobility and toilet needs would really hold up proceedings.

Let us know what they say.



yes you can,i was called for twice but was exluded when i told them i had MS.

Phone them up tell them your problems they will send you a form for gp to fill in send it back and they will send you a letter stating that you will not be called for jury service again .

That is what happend to me in scotland .

Thank you for all you comments (must have pressed something to come up as anonymous )

I’ve sent the forms back stating my disability just waiting to hear back.

I’ve done Jury Service before about 18 years ago and enjoyed it but I don’t feel well enough to do it again at the moment.

Thanks again x