Attended County Court

Hi Guys

Has anybody been to Court whilst the MS is very active? Pretty awful, not recommended. Had ‘zero’ energy, struggled to get my words out, lost, the Judge danced around me. Thinking about Appealing.

Thanks for reading.

hi, should’ve told the court about your health,

It’s actually in the evidence, that could be read before the hearing by the Judge. It kind of ‘creeps’ up on you. The day was hot, I felt hot all the time. I told the Judge I have three auto immune conditions late on. Energy wise there was nothing there, the Judge wasn’t great, one minute he understood, then he changed into disagreeing, his face changed, if you can imagine the film ‘Mask’ with Jim Carey (he was playing the part of the Judge, the Claimant - they weren’t there), it was bit like that, very challenging for me, just to keep us.