Stress in court

Hello I am just writing this message to you all because no one else seems to understand perhaps someone else with MS has been through this. In three weeks time I have to go to court as a witness, my daughter was very badly beaten and raped by her so called boyfriend I befriended him by txts and phone calls and believed every word he said I didn’t know him properly and my daughter wasn’t an easy person to live with and he was so plausible, he was arrested and put in prison and with the guilt I feel and the worry of court I am under a lot of stress. I visited court yesterday and there isn’t any room in the witness box for a wheel chair ( I haven’t got a choice the police said I could be arrested if I didn’t go) it is also worrying me about using the toilet urgently and also under stress forgetting things. I have been to the doctor she gave me beta blockers to help with the heart rate! I am not happy about those because they lower your blood pressure.I feel silly at the moment because without MS I wouldn’t have had a real problem.Any advice please.

Please don’t worry; unfortunately there is no one else who can give your evidence. As far as room for your wheelchair is concerned they will facilitate by moving to a court that will give you enough room. Do not even try to get out your chair.

As far as toileting is concerned have a word with the continence nurse. Either a convene or there are drugs that will stop you from going temporarily. I would prefer the convene; it is more or less a durex connected to a tube connected to a bag on your leg; keeps you dry acts as your bladder.

So don’t worry; you must attend for your daughter


Oh; please advise the Court of your situation that u r in a wheelchair ASAP.

Tena pads or pants will help if you have any accidents. They are very absorbent and very good, also there is no lingering smell.


Hi Anon, the court will be used to people in wheelchairs and will no doubt have an alternative to the witness box. Do not worry. It is their problem to sort out and not yours! But I do think you should phone and inform them now so they know you are in wheelchair.

I am so sorry you have been put in the position. Extremely stressful for you, but yes if you have been called as a witness you have to attend.

I think you should return to the GP and question why you have been given beta blockers. They should explain why you have been prescribed them.

Good luck in court… and as I said, do not worry about the wheelchair. They will deal with it and I would think you will be questioned in front of the court but not in the witness box.

Take care and hope it all goes ok and your daughter gets the justice she deserves.

Pat x