judy graham does anyone follow any of her advice

Just started reading managing ms by Judy graham, has anyone read this.I would be interested to hear if anyone has followed any of her principles and if they have had positive or negative results.


Oooh, no…but I am interested in hearing more. Xx


i have read her book and been involved with chatroom talk with her. from what i recall she suggests basic healthy eating/living which ideally we should be doing anyway,ms or not.

ellie x

Oh ok…not revolutionary then ?!! That’s exactly what my MS nurse said…do not exclude any food groups, eat little but more often, 5 a day, protein for essential repairs, carbs for energy and calcium, especially when on and for a while after, steroids, are the most important. Xx

Its more about the supplements she advises and therapys that I was wondering about, its quite in depth.

Aah…would it be any help, if I told you the cocktail that me and my nurse put together ? Xx

Yes that would be great x

hi again

just glanced at the book again. i still think the same…its not anything extra ordinary. zoe-i am not being negative-believe me! i dunno how long you have been diagnosed? i understand the need to read to do best via diet etc (i got the book around diagnosis) and if u are def lacking in something then yes,supplement. but otherwise just get on with living-otherwise it passes you by when u r doing the planning

ellie x

Hi Zoe I take vit d, vit b12, zinc, omega 3 and calcium and magnesium. I wish i could tell you why !! my nurse recommended them all, so i followed her advice !! I know the calcium is because steroids deplete the reserves which can lead to bones thinning and the magnesium has to be taken in conjunction with it. i think b12 is an essential supplement for supporting neurological function. zinc is generally a fixer upper for general health and healing…my hubby has taken it since he had three serious attacks of shingles in his head and nearly died…and despite having the virus in his system for life, he hasn’t had a single attack since taking zinc…co-incidence…maybe but I’m happy to test the theory !! I also use tonic water with quinine in for spasticity. Xx

Hi I read her book and did try about 90% of the supplements that she suggested. Very expensive though. I then discovered the essential health clinic website and they have essentially the same range of supplements in one table that you take in the morning (am) and one for the evening (pm). I also take their omega range too. Vitamin D is in there too but I take a little extra. Works out much cheaper.

Moyna x

Hi I use simply supplements…BOGOF…so you get double the amount for the same price. Xx