A book to recommend and Glucosamine Sulphate


Sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs, I am new to all of this, but I was just looking on Amazon to buy my high dosage of Vit D3 and I came across a couple of recommendations.

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis by Professor George Jelinek - this has had some good reviews

Glucosamine Sulphate taken with Vit D3 has helped some with MS symptoms, can anyone back this up?


I have this book Sue, it was my ‘bible’ after being dx. I still refer to it from time to time but couldn’t keep up with the diet to the letter and after a year and a bad relapse I gave up on it and asked for Betaferon. I do however try and keep to a version of it that it is not quite so strict. Eating lots of fruit, veg, fish and supplements including vitamin D3, I still have milk, cheese and yogurt in my diet but have cut it right back on them.



Two more good books [amazon] The Vitamin D Revolution - and The Vitamin D Cure. - and another brilliant book is ‘Could it be B12’ - and also Barry Groves books on a different eating regime. All these books l have - l should be as fit as a flea!!! lf you have read anything about Dr Terry Wahls - she says she has ‘cured’ her MS by following a special diet.

But it is the same as Barry Groves wrote about 40yrs ago. High fat - low carb. Sure way to lose weight. lf you can manage without bread/pasta cakes and biscuits.Lots of meat/fish/cheese/eggs/cream/dark green veg-kale but no cereal of any sort. lts based on the hunter gatherer type of diet. MS is just one of many conditions that it benefits.

l have had spsms for 30yrs - and have yet to see a neuro/GP who knows anything about ms. Never seen a ms nurse.

So l do read all l can about ways of keeping fitter. We need to be our experts - as we are the ones who know what it is like.


Hi, Ive been taking glucosamine for nigh on 15 yrs. i take it to stop arthritis. So far, its worked. If ever I forget to take it or go without just to see, my fingers stiffen.

So I reckon it`s good for that.

I use to buy it mail order…very expensive. Now I buy it in £ shops…just as good.

luv Pollx

Thanks all for the advice.

I tend to eat pretty healthy, recently to lose weight I followed the Dukan diet, high protein and no carbs. I tend to keep to the principals of this diet as it has stablised my weight, I do not eat a lot of bread, never have cereals, I enjoy carbs with a meal around 3 times a week, so mainly I eat lean meat/fish with loads of veg, salad. I do like a bit of cheese but stick to the hard cheese variety. Plus I do love natural yoghurt with a bit of honey. I will definately read up on the diet for MS though as I am a great believer in the benefits of what you put in to your body.


What dosage of glucosamine is recommended for MS?

What dosage of glucosamine is recommended for MS?

Have looked at - its a supplement called NAG 1000-N-Acetyl Glucosamine. lt is supposed to help support intestinal tract problems/ cartilage/tendons/joints and myelin.

l was first introduced to it on this site - and l wondered if anyone else is taking it.

So far l have not read of any side-effects.


I am trying glucosamine sulphate 1500mg 1 at night 1 in the morning and lecithin 1200mg 1 at night and 1 in morning i appear to be less stiff now i also have hypoglyacemia maybe i using as a souce of sugar

Yes I have been taking it. I don’t have a formal MS diagnosis (fairly cursory attention from neurologist said I ‘might’ have it ) NAG really seemed to help. Stopped taking it after breast cancer op removed lymph nodes and my symptoms all stopped, however they have returned in mild form and I’m taking NAG again so fwith good results.

i bought some glucosamine some years ago because my knees were giving me grief.

good stuff.

it’s what cartilege is made of.

(excuse my spelling)

may be of help i normally get discharge in my eyes i been taking table spoon goji dried or fresh and logan berries dried 8 pour hot water leave in cup drink can be topped up once when finished eat what in cup.

geting back to glucosamine when you go to bed the body uses it and it put back in the cartiege when you wait up you are up to 1 cm taller now i been taking glusamine since the 1980-1990. also it is a mild diuretic now lecithn is made from soybean and normally contains 1000iu of natual vit e now as you know vit e is anti oxident ext but it also it helps the blood send the nutrents to the write part of the body so this is a cheaper way of buying it if intrested i can email you were i buy it