Joints going wrong

Hi, does anyone ever have this.? About once a a month or so one of my ribs becomes dislocated from my spine… Painful… Only my chairo can put it back! Also, since my left side’s been dodgy, the spar on my lowest vertebra got hooked over my sacrum.( general physio sorted that one) Neither of these things happen cos I’m overdoing it, or I’ve been doing anything specifically stressful for that part of my body. Do these stupid things happen cos my muscles aren’t doing what they should? I’m still waiting to see my MS nurse, should be in a couple of weeks, and hopefully see the MS physio in a few weeks aswell. There’s such a waiting list, but it doesn’t help when you’re hurting!


i haven’t had this myself

but you needed bumping up!

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Besides the MS, do you do have any form of arthritis? this can be one of the causes of what you are describing. Anti-Inflammatory drugs will help the pain ( NSAIDs ) .

Speak to your local pharmacist, they are highly trained and will advise you on the best ones to take.

Take care x

Thankyou, artheritis does run in my family, don’t know if I’ve been checked for it yet?! I do have very clicky joints, all up my spine aswell as the usual in the limbs. Am bumping up my gabapentin steadily, and gonna request more massages from my husband ! :)x

Hello again. Massage is good but do make sure your husband is careful. When you have an existing problem the wrong type of massage can make things worse. Now a nice relaxing foot massage will do you good lol :slight_smile: