joint pain.

Hello all, I seem to be having a few problems lately (more than normal). Im not dx with ms but lots of symptoms.

Can anyone give me any advice/ or have you had the same. I’m suffering with painful shoulders/neck quite badly at the moment. I have painful elbows,wrists,hips and knees too, but at the moment my shoulders are causing me lots of problems. I posted last week about 2 dizzy spells where the floor was coming up towards me, and in bed I suffered another dizzy spell with loud buzzing in my head, then my head felt hot and numb and I felt woosey all day.

Have any of you suffered with these joint problems, especially shoulders.

Thankyou in advance.



I did have - a few months back - pain in my jaw, which I later found out it was due to ostoporosis because of all the steroids! But at the time I was advised by a family friend to get some osteocare from the chemist, and it did help! I used to get pains in my knees aswell and the osteocare helped a lot ( tastes quite nice too!).

I’m sure all chemists will sell it and it isn’t too expensive.

Best of luck!


Hi Jan,

Yes, I get pain in my joints, knuckles and wrists one knee and both shoulders…on and off. I’m not dx yet either.

If you find a cure let me know…

Take care Wendy.

Chronic pain is generally related to INFLAMMATION.

In order to reduce inflammation the body produces Vitamin D3 from dawn to dusk given exposure to sunlight (or tanning lamps) and from dusk to dawn our pineal glands produce MELATONIN. Improving the natural production of both or using supplements where outdoor full body sun exposure isn’t practicable may help reduce pain.

Vitamin D3 works best as a pain killer/anti inflammatory agent when 25(OH)D levels are kept at or above 125nmol/l or 50ng/ml that’s about DOUBLE the amount of vitamin D most people have at the end of summer and more than 3 times the amount we have in winter. Dr Ellen Mowry publshed a paper recently showing that for every 25nmol/l rise in Vitamin D levels those people had lower scores on the Expanded Disability Status Scale. Last year she reported that those same people also had fewer new lesions detectable on MRI scans. So not only does raising your vitamin d level reduce your sensitivity to pain it also reduces your level of disability and your chance of further lesions.

Most people will require in the region of 1000iu/daily/vitamin D3 for each 25lbs they weigh to get up to 125nmol/l. The UK NHS Birmingham path lab offer £25 postal vitamin D tests and the usual online suppliers offer a years supply of 5000iu caps/drops vitamin d3 around £12ish. So it’s easy to keep track of your vitamin D status and ensure it’s always at the level associated with least pain, disability, and progression.

If anyone wants links to the scientific evidence for any of the above I’m happy to supply it However as a post I made earlier has disappeared I won’t post links unless asked.