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Ok here goes i was employed as a Test Manager, 3 months in and they change my contract from perm to a fixed term contract. I know this bit is legal and they said the company was taking a new direction that didnt include test i know that bit is legal BUT the QA manager has just taken my job of test manager. If it isnt illegall it must by highly unethical especially as my previous employer has baan asked to complete one page so i can get my MPPI i xan only conclude they have messed up along the lines as i have been assured i will get a good ref. Coincidence that i had previously asked if i could work from home as i had a hospital appointment. Any help greatly appreciated

When I was still working, it was generally accepted by the employer, if you had a hospital appointment then you were technically off-sick.
Just from past experience, the best place for employment support was to get myself down the local JobCentre+.
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Try running it past legal advice.

MS legal advice service | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (

Cheers whammel, they think there is case so off to acas (not right away i want to make sure its is 100% tight before i out it forward to acas)

As i said to whammel the ms society lawyer thonks there is a case to answer…

Go for it Paul :+1:

You mention 3 months in: Was it 3 months or nearly 3 months?

Most contracts come with a probationary period, usually 3 months, during which you have no rights and they can drop you whenever they like and not have to give a reason. Whatever the outcome of your challenge, they are guilty of pretty sharp practice and a shitty attitude towards their employees.

For sure, hold onto your job and stand up for your rights, but in the bigger picture, ask yourself if they are the sort of company you’d like to work for in the longer term?


They do sound like a rotten company though, changing your contract from permanent to fixed term.
It’s like welcoming you to play for the team, but knowing they’ll be releasing you at the end of the season.