Advice needed - new job

Hi everyone,

I’ve just been offered a new job and have received the Contract paperwork. On one of the forms I need to send back, it asks how many days I had off sick in the past year in my current job. Unfortunately, I had a very nasty relapse last year which required steroids so was off work for just over a month. My question is, if I put down these dates I’m worried that they may change their mind and retract the offer. Does any one have any advice and can they do this? I should add that they know I have MS.


They are on potentially shaky ground legally if they retract the offer on the basis of poor attendance arising from a disability. But they would be on firmer ground if they retracted the offer on the basis of lack of candour about attendance levels, uncovered when they took up references!


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The question is normally asked so they can understand if they need to make any changes to the office, car parking etc for when you join. As long as you are honest, confirm the number of days you had off and why, they are not really legally allowed to retract your offer, especially as they already know you have MS.

Just be honest with them and I’m sure everything will be fine.

First of all congratulations on your new job.

I have always had the question re days of sick so I am sure it is a general question that is sent to everyone with their contract.

As long as you are honest about your days off then I am sure all will be ok.

Shazzie xx

Hi, congrats from me too!

Yep, best thing to do is be honest.

Others say they would be in the wrong to withdraw their offer, so go girl!

Whats the job?