Job interview

I went for a interview last week they stated they would get back to me by the end of last week.I haven’t heard anything,I take it I didn’t get the job.I also tried to contact them this week about the outcome of the interview and they still haven’t got back to me.Feeling quite down about this,as I am wondering if I will get a job.I have ms,and they did ask on the application if I had a disability. Any advise please

Take it on the chin and move on. Apply for other jobs and continue as normal. I guess there was a more suitable candidate?

Sorry to hear you think your job application was unsuccessful. But dont completely write it off, as employers can sometimes take longer than they say, to get back to candidates.

yes, I am trying to be hopeful for you…but do try to contact them again and ask for feedback. It could help with with any further interviews.

Im not up on employment laws and dont know what the rules are about disclosure of a disability.

I daresay someone else will offer better advice.

Good luck with future interviews. Dont give up on yourself. Perhaps you could speak to someone at the job centre, eh?

luv Pollx

Maybe they had a more suited candidate? Remember, they do not have ro explain why you did not get the job. Apply for other jobs and move on.

Hi I am sorry that you have not heard. From what I understand if there is a disability question on the application form then that bit goes to HR only not the short listers or interviewers. I would try phoning again for feedback. If they are a good company they should give it to you. If not then they were a rotten company and not worth working for. Good luck for the future. Hugs Min xx