Jimmy Saville

I feel disgusted with my dealings with Jimmy Saville and feel I must explain. I did not like the person; I thought it was his personality I could not stand; perhaps subconsciously it was something more.

I was diagnosed in 1973 some 40 years ago by a Dr. Carol at the Guildford Royal Surrey Hospital.

In those days there were no different types of MS; you either had it or didn’t.

In 1978 I started using a wheelchair; which enable me to move about the different Terminals at Heathrow Airport where I was a baggage tracing agent for British Airways.

In 1979 I was contacted by a man called Ivor. He said he was one of Jimmy Savills’s helpers at Stoke Mandeville where they were trying to raise the money to build a new wing. The BA Staff in Glasgow had raised a large amount and BA had given him airline tickets to go and receive the cheque; would I go with him as I was BA and in a chair?

He was also a wheelchair user and accompanied him and his lovely wife Hilda. Afterwards they invited me to Stoke to see the hospital and their plans.

The hospital was more or less about 20 prefabricated huts left over since WW2 joined by covered corridors. The gardens all around these huts were immaculate; would put Wisley to shame.

Each hut had about 10 beds and every bed had a patient who one minute was a Footballer; Rugby Player; Swimmer; Athlete or just going about the normal things in life. The next minute their life had been turned on their head; bedridden and having to rely on others to help with bodily functions.

Sure I was a wheelchair user but what was happening to me was slower; at least I had time to adapt. Jimmy Saville was a peculiar person but he certainly had people in droves wanting to give him money while he sat on his golden throne smoking his Cuban cigar.

I was no exception; a new wing was urgently needed; I thought I must do something so wrote to Her Majesty who gave me permission to use The Mall outside Buckingham Palace for a sponsored wheelchair push. I managed 20 laps and raised about £1000.

Shows how small a world it is I was accompanied by ten girls from BA check in Terminal 2. One of the girls Debbie Harrison when I became a Trustee of the MS Society 20 years later was the North London MS Society Coordinator; sort of paid bouncer who makes all the play; solves any problems.

It went so well I thought I would do something a little further so decided on John O’Groats to Lands End by tricycle. So Pashley’s of Stratford of Avon loaned me a tricycle and Sir Colin Marshall; Chief Executive of BA, provided me with an estate Mondao and all the petrol driven by my best mate Gary Mills. I won’t bore you with the journey just say it was the greatest experience of my life; except one place; The Shap Fell; Cumbria.

Saville had done it many times and always went Lands End to John O’Groats; now I know why. If you travel north to south to get to the Shap Fell; which is a large hill rising about 1000 feet in about 2 miles; but comes down the 1000 feet very sharply with rocks one side and a sheer drop the other.

I can’t remember if there was any warning about the drop going up the hill but I never headed it; one minute struggling to peddle up to the top; the next hurtling down at about 60 mph and the breaks having no effect.

Being an atheist in the short time; about 4 minutes; it took to get to the bottom I remember praying to God; asking for his help. Believe it or not when I got to the bottom there was a gated field that the farmer had left open. It is not the Country Code to leave gates open so someone was looking after me. This let me steer in and slow down.

Collecting the money at the end was always the worst part. For this event I had sponsorship from Prince Charles and Lady Diane.

In 1986 I wanted to do something further for Stoke so talked with my mate Sir Colin Marshal who gave me airline tickets to circumnavigate the world twice continuously that took 5 days 13 hours; again this was sponsored.

Saville was a strange person; but at least Stoke Mandeville got the money.


Hi George,

I think what you may be experiencing is called guilt by association. But banish such nonsense from your mind at once. You did nothing wrong by dealing with Jimmy Saville. You were not involved in his repulsive behaviour that has since come to light. You had no knowledge of such behaviour.

You were doing an unbelievable and fantastic job of raising money for a very worthwhile charity.

You did NOTHING wrong at all, George, and great deal of good.

BTW, that ride down Shap Fell sounds utterly terrifying!



yea, i always thought jimmy saville was creepy but never knew just how creepy!

shap fell is scary enough in a car, even a landrover.

carole x

Hi George,

Why on earth do you feel guilty with your association with that slime-bag? He fooled everyone with his charade including you albeit you thought he was a bit dodgy, didn’t many of us? Surely thats not the issue here, the issue is the charity itself which is far more important so hats off to you.

For me you have just put a name to one of the many unsung heroes that have put themselves through hell and back to raise money for Stoke Mandeville George and I thank you on behalf of everyone.


The ones that ought to feel guilty are the ones that knew what was going on and did nothing.

My thoughts exactly Tonto


I will third Tonto.

You should be proud of your achievements which you did for the right reasons and that so many people benefitted from.

Please dont let the actions of a sick man take away from what you personally achieved.


You did a fantastic, amazing job at fundraising George (almost losing your life in the process).

Like others have said, you did absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

Saville on the other hand did plenty to be ashamed of… as did some of the people who knew. Some people did tell but nobody believed them… and nobody can blame the abused themselves for not telling. Sexual abuse is as much about power as it is about sex.

Well done George for all the good work that you did. YOU deserve a medal.

Pat x

George, You did lots to help others and still do, your posts have helped me tremendously and still do. I wrote to Jim’ll Fix It but never got a reply. Yes the man was a monster, but he was clever and deceitful. You have nothing to feel guilty about. My husband suffers from guilt because he had suspicions about a colleague but couldn’t say why or prove anything. It turns out he was right but his hands were tied. Chis

OMG! I’ve just remembered that I have a big photo of my 2 daughters sat with the wax model of the pervert at Madame Tussauds, def not one I want for the album. Lets hope M.Tussauds remove him as well.

Thanks for the thread George else I wouldn’t have remembered that!


I think many people will be feeling like you do now, so many were envolved in the fundraising he did and they and you did it for the greater good. People like us had no idea what he really was, or what was going on. I loved Jim’ll fix it, always wanted to get on and never did, but he was a childhood hero for me and we always thought he was a good guy.

You did a lot of good George, with your heart in the right place, focus on that, you’ve no need to feel any guilt at all.

good day folks, not dis-believing nor believing anything regards Saville nor saying that I didn’t trust him or otherwise, I never personally knew the man, I only find it hard to believe that no-one, be it a child, nurse, parent or worker at the BBC, spoke up at the time, or just after, regards ANY mis-doing against a child, that it has taken until now to make all these accusations, don’t let us all jump on the bandwagon, let the police do the job properly and the truth will come out, as for anyone who says they feel dirty due to meeting with him (Saville) or being in his company is going over the score, you never know a person you just met, you take a person at face value, until proven otherwise, if guily, punishment will take place, Brian

I agree that we should not jump to conclusions and should let due process of law take place. I would also add that there should be no trial by media.

However, I have reason to believe that people did speak up at the time but due to Saville’s power and influence were not listened to. That is something we need to feel guilty about as a society.

I am curious as to how you think punishment will take place. As an atheist, I don’t think Saville will ever be held to account for any wrong doing. The best that we can hope for is that any victims are listened do and any injustices done to them are acknowledged.

Sadly, This awful abuse of young and vunerable children/adults by someone with ‘power’ is still so commonplace. Most people have heard of or experienced it in their lives.

My OH - as a young lad - brought up in a strict methodist Yorkshire family - Church twice on Sundays - has first hand knowledge of this sexual abuse to children from someone with ‘authority’ at the church. He had to protect his sister - who played the church organ - from this pariah. He was able to stand up for himself and give this man a beating - but when he tried to explain to his mother and grandmother about it - he was silenced - told not to speak about a member of the church in that way.

We know it happens in all levels of society - And in the past - many abusers have got away with it because their victims would have to suffer over and over again if it came to light and taken to court. The innocent parties do not get the ‘anonymity’ - they deserve. And often are made to feel they are partly to blame.

Needless to say - we are both atheists. And like ‘Tonto’ know that Saville - and all the other sexual pariahs/abusers will never get their just deserts. There is no punishment to fit this crime!

lt is said that we are never more than 12 ft from a Rat! - l think the same can be said of these men - and women. We have had some very sad cases of child abduction/murder - and the culprit is usually someone very close by and well known to the victim.

There have been so many cases of victims not having the courage to report abuse - and it has ruined their lives - left to fester until years later they have sort councilling and been encouraged to stand up in court to the abuser - who often is now a very elderly and frail old man. l hope that now more of these sexual abuse cases are being investigated - all the people who committed crimes like this will now be living in fear of reprisals.



The ones that ought to feel guilty are the ones that knew what was going on and did nothing.

[/quote] I couldn’t agree with you more. Amazing how many people knew and did nothing! Adults who witnessed Saville abusing children and did nothing. I think theynshould hang their heads in shame…

is there any evidence of all this, or are we just going with what we want to believe?

The Police are currently investigating 340 lines of inquiry.

He has always made my skin crawl. Now I know why. The police have said that he is guilty of a lot of these crimes that he is accused of. I do not think there is any room for doubt. I think the evidence is overwhelming. It’s a shame he wasn’t punished for his crimes when he was alive. Teresa xx

i am not personally a fan of jimmy saville

but in this country do we not have a saying…innocent until proven guilty?..the police cannot decide who is guilty or innocent that is left up to the courts to decide

i do think he will be found guilty but lets leave it up to the judge and jury to decide…

You cannot try a dead person - it’s never going to go to court. In that respect, it’s all a bit pointless. He can’t be brought to book, but neither can he contest any of the allegations either.

The police could conclude a crime has been committed, but they can’t charge the dead, neither can the dead be convicted or sentenced.