Sir Jimmy Saville

I just heard that jimmy saville has died he was found dead at lunch time today, he was one of the big djs on top of the pops and the show jim ill fix it.

He will be sadly missed.


Hi Barbara

Oh this is sad news - showing my age here but I remember his DJ years well.

;’-0 Mary

Hi Barbara, sad news isnt it, did he still live at Roundhay, years ago, my son, went jogging round the park for a charity with him. and his friends.

just told my son the news, and he came back with, ‘well mum, thats one he wont be able to fix’ typical.

jaki xx

Yes he did live in p

Roundhay he was found dead in his appartment at lunch time today.he was in the lgi 2 weeks ago with suspected phenmonia(spelling) and seemed to be ok.

Knew him quite well; used to do a few things to raise money for Stoke Mandeville.

He was a difficult person but without him Stoke would still have prefabricated huts left over from WW2 as a hospital.

RIP Jimmy; you were special.


What sad news, he will be remembered by me for being dj at Mecca in Leeds where I used to go dancing in the late 60/70’s. Always thought him eccentric yet high profile. He raised a lot of money for the LGI and would porter.

Sad day, he will be sadly missed by all.



Yes very sad R.I.P. Sir Jimmy Saville


Bren, my best friend of many years also used to go to the Mecca in Leeds and also knew Jimmy Saville from there.

Six degrees of separation…

Pat x

Yeh, Sir Jim was a good `un! RIP.

luv POllx