Jaw Stiffness

Hi everyone,

Has anyone had stiffness in the jaw? I noticed this yesterday - opened my mouth to take the first mouthful off my dinner fork and had trouble opening my mouth completely. I had forgotten this until this evening when trying to open my mouth to eat again, it is very stiff - doesn’t hurt, just stiff.

Just wondering if any one else has experienced this - I have RRMS.


Hiya - not sure if this is quite the same, but when I’m tired my jaw aches from chewing! I guess eating less would help my jaw and my waistline!

H x

Happens to me all the time, messed up TMJ, so bad both are getting replaced. Could be many things, generally sore muscles/joints, arthritis, if you grind your teeth it could cause this problem, joint not in the socket properly, etc. if it keeps happening it can be many different things and you should get it looked at

I have this problem, cant open my jaw very wide I have baclofen for stiffness,doesnt seem to do an awful lot though

my jaw problems are due to arthritis so there really is nothing to be done at this stage besides joint replacement :confused: wish there were meds that worked

Thanks guys for all your responses. I know all sorts of things can happen, but when suddenly out of the blue and for no apparent reason I couldn’t open my mouth properly to eat, I wondered if it could be to do with RRMS. I will put up and see if it gets any worse before contacting the specialist nurse for advice.