Another new symptom

Hi Everyone,
I’ve recently developed a stiff and painful jaw. My GP has referred me to a specialist with the hope of a botox injection, as he thinks it’s MS related (I have RRMS - diagnosed in Oct 18). Alongside this, I also have a lovely muscle twitch below my left eye (same side as the jaw issue) which refuses to go away. Has anyone else had botox for stiff muscles? I guess this is just another annoying/painful symptom that I need to learn to live with. MS feels a bit pants at the moment :disappointed:

If you can learn to live with it, I’d suggest do that. And try to see if there are other ways of easing it. Gentle exercises, CBD oil perhaps.

Botox is grossly overused. It is not benign. It gets into the central nervous system within hours and is active there shutting down the release of acetycholine, which is needed by things called oligodendocyte precursor cells which are needed for natural repair of myelin. MS patients have enough attacks on their myelin as it is, and don’t need more. Botox is active in neuronal cells for at least a year and may be as persistent as HIV or EBV i.e. for life.

Do the doctors tell you this? No. They may tell you it doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier. They are correct there. However it gets into the central nervous system by another way, through axons, via synaptic vesicle protein pathways (2a and 2b to be precise), and those pathways are ubiquitous in the brain. But they won’t tell you that.

Outside of the central nervous system, as well as causing weakness in the muscle injected, botox causes more diffuse weakness throughout the body. It is systemic.

I had botox for 10 years for cervical dystonia. My brain is now full of atrophy, particularly in the parietal area. With what I now know, I wouldn’t touch botox with a barge pole.

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I don’t know if this helps but I’ve been ‘clamping’ my mouth shut and grinding my teeth for a few years now and I just assumed it was the MS acting up again. I have told nurse and dentist and they don’t think it’s unusual and no more is said about it.


Just joined forum i was diagnosed in lockdown last year after a bit of a journey !

I have jaw spasms and teeth grinding but wondered if cause is the same. My ears feel as if pressure coming from inside my skull, my eyes twitch and had a bout of optic neurisis. Whilst i get symptoms all over, my face symptoms really consistent neuro not interested it seems.

I have had what’s called Trigeminal Neuralgia which gives me a very painful jaw. Yes, related to my MS. As soon as I start to feel it coming on and I mean the first second, I take one Paracetamol and one Ibuprofen and it works…….pain gone👍 I have had this particular symptom/problem for 30 years and have successfully dealt with it in this way. SpaceLady x