Jaundice anyone?

Hi folks

I’ve just had a dose of jaundice, not a pleasant thing belive me. I seem to be recovering now, drinking lots of water. I wondered if anyone else has had this and whether it could be related to ms or the drugs I am on. I am now waiting for blood tests to come back for liver and kidneys and to see whether I am to have a scan.

Thank you for any replies.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy,

I’m sorry to hear about this.

My dad had it years ago, when I was very small - but his was the infectious kind - viral hepatitis. Never did enquire too deeply into how he could have contracted it, as he hadn’t travelled to exotic parts, and it was a type more commonly associated with drug use and unsafe sex. As an adult, I’ve often wondered if he had a life we knew nothing about.

Not saying that’s true of you, of course - I doubt yours was infectious. I doubt it was anything to do with the MS, either. I do think it could have been to do with drugs you are on, as many drugs have liver toxicity as a potential side-effect, especially if you’re on them long term.

I’m glad you are recovering, and hope they get to the bottom of what caused it, as obviously, you should not be continuing with any drug that is implicated.



Thank you Tina

I’m thinking Betaferon.

Wendy x

I was going to ask if you are on DMDs, as I couldn’t remember. I’m inclined to back your hunch.



Hello Wendy

It is quite possible the jaundice was due to the drugs your taking. Have you ever had problems with your gallbladder…sometimes jaundice occurs when there’s a problem in this area.

Glad your starting to feel a bit better.

Good luck with the blood tests.

Noreen xx