Jags every day

Hello everyone! Had a neuro appointment yesterday to discuss my mri results and potentials test results and she’s given me a diagnosis…with no lumbar puncture! Have spent weeks stressing about that too. She’s referred me to a nurse who’ll show me how to give myself injections every day with Copaxone. Can anyone share their experiences of using Copaxone? E.g side effects, are they painful and are daily injections as bad as they sound? Claire \m/

Can’t tell you anything about DMDs but might be worth having a search as people do mention their DMDs in the everyday living section :wink:

I was also diagnosed quite quickly with no LP, I think it was a lot to do with how everything matches up on the physical checks/ where and how many lesions and obviously the background… I think the only question mark hanging over my diagnosis is “Is it definitely PPMS” and I think I know the answer but remain hopeful!

Like you, I was SO relieved there was no LP required!

Sonia x

I’m on Extavia so not quite the same. On one hand injections are every other day (so good that it’s less frequent) and on the other hand my body is having to get used to being told that it is under viral attack (interferon beta).

The amount injected is the same, I think, 1 ml, and the needle almost exaclty the same size. I don’t feel the needle going in. Once I could feel the fluid going in. I think I injected too quickly.

There was a post a while ago about injecting Copaxone,

LP has been relegated to a secondary test overshadowed by MRI. I too, was quite glad not to have one done.

Exactly! I wonder how they determine which branch of MS you have. Must ask the nurse when I go to learn injection techniques. It’s likely the sound of the LP is worse than the reality of it, but it’s definitely a scary thought. Will have a wee look on the everyday living section, Cheers Sonia! Take care Claire x

hi claire

i was put on copaxone straight after diagnosis which was 5 years ago.

i havent had a relapse since starting it.

i know every day sounds a drag but there are definite plans to change to 3 x per week.

there’s nothing to fear. you dont get that flu feeling like the beta interferons cause.

good luck with your decision

carole x

Thanks everyone! Good to get a bit of reassurance and I’m sure I’ll be a dab hand in no time. Think it’s definitely mind over matter with these things and if you know it’ll help you that’s all the more reason to brave up and take it. Claire x