I've had an....

Hi guys, I’ve had an epiphany!! Careful now how you say that or read it, its all Greek to meIt’s nearly over, bring on 2014 there is hope! Yes we have MS 24/7 and it’s a b£tch BUT I have a feeling of hope, optimism! I wish everyone a Happy New Year, take care guys love M

M, there is ALWAYS hope (or that’s what I tell myself anyway!)

Happy New Year to all

Sonia x

Lovely post M… and yes there is always hope! Happy new year gang, Pat xxx

Sonia is right. There is always hope! Happy New Year everyone! Teresa xx

Too right M. The last thing out of the box is the most powerful. It doesn’t get rid of all the dreadful stuff released before it but it does kick its a£rse. Good wishes and all the best for new year. I’m looking forward to seeing my little girl grow, more children’s fiction writing and a top four place for the toffees (can you spot which is more hope than anything else). Steve.

For what it is worth, I think Everton are a fine side and hope they make the top four too. It would be a far better achievement than clubs simply looking to buy success. Jagielka will be a big miss though.