I've been offered Aubagio but can't decide, any advice?

I went to a disease modifying drug clinic today and was told I could have Aubagio from 1/4/14. The list of side effects for the drug are not nice and the probability of getting some of them are high from what I can gather. I also get asthma and if I get a cold it always goes to my chest making me more ill than most - this was before MS, so I hate to think what I would be like with a lowered white blood count. I dread the thought of daily injections though, as my other option is Copaxone. Is anyone else considering, or been on the trials for, this oral drug?

The injections really aren’t that bad. The doing it really is the easy bit and it just becomes part of life. You need to do what’s best for you. I don’t know anything about the oral drug. X

Just bumping this hoping that someone might have some experience/views on Aubagio as I need to make up my mind soon. Many thanks

I have been offered it, like you I’m not thrilled by the potential side effects either. The hair loss sounds awful, I think I’m going to try it though, already tried rebif, but I couldn’t take it. I could try copaxone, but don’t want to inject again unless there is absolutely no alternative. When are you seeing your nurse/neuro for a decision? Guess there is little way of knowing what will happen until we try. Good luck with your decision.

It was my first ever meeting re DMDs yesterday, and it is now just left for me to decide and let my MS nurse know my decision. I am so torn!

The only thing you can do is go with what you think will be best for you. If the asthma/reduced WBC is too much of an issue for you at the moment, start on the copoxone. No reason you couldn’t switch if the copaxone is not suitable. Maybe speak to your nurse again for clarification and don’t feel rushed. The important thing here is to get on something to slow the ms down, in any form.

Hi Puddinglover

I don’t have experience of Aubagio but I am on Gilenya and I too was a little worried about the increased risk of infection due to the possibility of a low white blood cell count. I am also asthmatic and am always left with a chesty cough long after I have had a cold.

I’ve been on Gilenya since the beginning of November and have only had one cold in that time. It did go straight to my chest but the cough was loose all the time and showed no signs of turning into a chest infection. Although it did last several weeks it wasn’t painful and was just annoying when I was trying to sleep at night. I didn’t bother my GP with it as I don’t usually get much joy there until I am at death’s door and I was certain it wasn’t serious. It was a proper barking cough but probably sounded worse than it was.

All in all, so far so good. I haven’t had any of the other anticipated side effects either.

Good luck with whatever you decide. I was on Rebif for 4 years prior to Gilenya and found that very good too. As others have said, if it doesn’t suit you for whatever reason, you can always switch.

Tracey x