Hi all,

Haven’t been on here in a while. Was diagnosed in October '12 but didn’t go on DMDs as I knew I wanted another baby. I am just now looking into treatment options. I’m in between copaxin and aubagio. Was set on aubagio, but neurologist put me off today. Am not sure if he was being genuinely concerned about the side effects, or just trying to dissuade me because of all the paperwork involved in blood testing fortnightly for 6 months. (I’ve had to push a lot for tests and diagnosis throughout this whole process, so am a bit skeptical) I know that aubagio is newly approved, but does anyone have any experience using it? would love to hear any advice and experiences you have had with these drugs. Thanks very much!!


I am starting Copaxone soon, I didn’t fancy Aubagio as the vainity in me didn’t want to risk losing my hair for the sake of a little jab a day! I haven’t any experience of either though but I am sure someone will help. :slight_smile: