I've been a silly billy (not MS)

Could someone advise me; I have always told people to look at their House Insurance to see if it covers ‘Critical Illness.’

Someone has said that ‘CI’ is linked to Life Insurance not House Insurance; could someone confirm this.

Thank you


Oh george you are correct on most things, lol…however I have never ever known critical illness to be attached to house insurance only life insurance.

My critical illness cover is actually called Critical illness Policy, with life insurance attached.

I use the wrong words so often since I’ve been ill that I have almost re-learnt the worng word for several things.

Have a lovely day George x

My critical illness policy had nothing at all to do with my house insurance - or with my house! It was a completely separate thing, organised through work.

Some people might have mortgage protection, sold with their mortgage, but this would still not be on the “house insurance”.


HI, my understanding is that Critical Illness policy / insurance is related to illness or injury to yourself whereas house insurance is damage to your property and/or contents (eg fire, theft etc…). Critical illness policy can also be referred to as Life Assurance which is different to Life Insurance which pays out on death… although often both are covered in the same policy. Confused??? I know I am…

some people take out CI when they take out a mortgage so maybe thatis what your thinking about George.

As the girl with the lovely name; Deanne said; I though the ethos of it was to pay off your mortgage; although I know you can spend it on what you want.

Look; there’s usually only one way to confuse me; give me two shovels and ask me to take a pick


Hi George, I don’t have critical illness but I do have house insurance. There is nothing in my house insurance about paying out anything for ms, my house insurance just deals with damage /fire to the building and it’s contents, also accidental damage to contents. Isn’t CI something you can take out that would pay you money if you were diagnosed with a serious illness. Isn’t mortgage protection something else, you pay an extra premium each month and if you were ill your mortgage would be paid off. I think my husband has this. It doesn’t affect me and my ms isn’t affected by it. The mortgage isn’t in my name (this is nothing to do with my ms) it just isn’t and never was. I think some work place pension schemes are set up whereby if you die in service you get your premiums refunded and you get a payout at maybe 3 times your annual salary and then your surviving relatives would get a certain amount each month. Cheryl:-)