Criticial Illness Cover application URGENT


I am just about to uy my first home and I am looking at critical illness cover. I have been diagnosed with MS for approx 10 years and it is fairly benign apart from the fatigue levels. Work are flexible around this and therefore I have had no MS related days off work.

Has anyone got any good advice about who to go with for critical illness cover - our budget is super tight just now for the house but affordable with wages going up in the next year - can people in a similar position advise what price they are paying monthly to be covered for this?

I have a broker doing the work but the house person has called today and before I confirm anything I want an idea of were I am financially and this is the last piece to the puzzle.

Thanks so much in advance


Hi Po,

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but no insurance will give you CI cover.

MS is a Critical Illness, therefore, you could claim immediately. On saying that if you are married and he was healthy he could get covered.


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We had Critical Illness Cover and made a claim when I was diagnosed in 2007. They went through my medical records with a fine toothed comb and found that I’d had optic neuritis in 1998 so wouldn’t pay out because it’s an MS indicator, which I wasn’t told at the time. After months of arguing they repaid all our premiums but paying off the mortgage would have been a bit more helpful! As the other poster said it’s very unlikely that you could get CI cover anyway.

I hope you’re very happy in your new home!

Becky x

Tend to agree. You’ll find Life Insurance pretty easy too come across even with the MS, at least I did and not at an extortionate price either. My advice would be to avoid these so called “Specialist Brokers” and do the searching yourself going DIRECT to the insurance companies. But sadly I doubt anyone will offer Critical Illness cover AFTER being diagnosed with MS. On a positive note though, MS is not regarded as life threatening, so your premiums for life insurance shouldn’t be too bad, as long as you not smoking, drinking or have too many other illness’s such as high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes etc, which are the usual things that push premiums up.

You’re not likely to get insurance against critical illness when you’ve already got one, I’m afraid. If you do, it is likely to be insanely expensive and so hedged about with exclusions as to be useless.

But those of us with MS can usually get life cover because are as alive as the next person!