IV Steroids

I have just had my 1st iv steroid visit at my local hosp since 2005 and I had forgotten about the chemical taste that lingers in your mouth for the rest of the day. Does anyone have any good ideas to mask it, without beeing seriously high in calories! I tried gum today but as I work on the phone all day, its very unprofessional to be doing that :frowning:

I used to take a packet of like, fruit pastels or a bag of fruit sherbets, chocolate limes. That kinda thing. I’d eat the pack of fruit pastels while I was getting the iv but then I had a bag of sweets in my drawer at work to help keep that minging metal taste away, gad it’s horrible! I hope you get good results from the steroids :slight_smile:

Thanks libertine. I think is the only forward I to consume copious amount of delicious calorie and worry about it afterwards. I have an appointmen wit my consultant in Aug so wii prob be discussing DMD’s with him then to help put a stop on the sluppery slope of relapses.

When i took the oral steroids I found Mentos mint crumbles brilliant at masking the horrible taste.

Aldi also do something similar.

I have developed a method for avoiding the aftertaste with the oral steroids, and it works a treat. That aftertaste was a nasty shock the first time I took them, I was NOT expecting that! Nor did I know it would hang around all day D:<

So the next day I took them with yoghurt; had them lined up ready, filled the teaspoon with yoghurt, poked the steroid into it edge on, with the edge pointing towards the front of the spoon, got it down my neck immediately. This works well with porridge too as long as the consistency isn’t too thin or thick and the spoonful doesn’t contain any extras that would need chewing.

The last time I took the steroids I used those individual creme caramels, those worked even better than the yoghurt because they’re solid rather than runny so I could just poke the tablet into the middle of the spoonful and it was enclosed a lot better. Pretty sure any kind of set dessert would work for this. What a fabulous excuse for custard tarts!

Just got to make sure to work quick once the tablet is in contact with the food, because that awful taste spreads through it pretty much straight away, and swallowing immediately and without any kind of mastication needs some focus. With the creme caramels especially my mouth really wanted to squish the spoonful before swallowing it, but NO! In and down the hatch with no messing!

I have ended up with a few seconds face-pulling from aftertaste occasionally, when I’ve hesitated a touch before swallowing, but it is only for a few seconds, and finishing the yoghurt/dessert once you’ve taken the tablets does away with any more of that.

It’s kind of horrifying to know the IV steroids have the same bitter problem, I mean…why? How? It makes no sense D:

I can see where you got your user name from jellysundae!! Good tips. With oral steroids I’ve usually swallowed them with milk rather than water; it makes getting them down easier but still gives a metallic taste later. Maybe desserts are a better option

For both oral and IV steroids I’ve tended to use mints, extra strong mints are quite good, if you’re on the phone at work just bite little chunks off so you’re not just mainlining sugar or having to talk over a great wedge of mint. You can get about 10 little bites from one extra strong so can manage to keep a minty taste in your mouth all the time.

God it’s a horrible taste tho, you have my sympathies.


Haha, from an affinity for desserts? ;D That’s not far off to be honest. J and S are my initials, and food, yup, that was pretty much the extent of it!

Though I’m sure my method would work for savoury options too, it’s all about something being thick enough to be able to bury the tablet in it, without being so thick that you can’t quickly and easily swallow it. So something like hummus, or various other dips, would work just as well, I think.

Not that I’m keen to try it out, but I imagine I’m likely to get an opportunity to sooner or later!

Fruit pastels and mints at the ready for my last day of iv steroids. It was my 25th wedding anniversary yesterday an the driving to and from the hospital, an hour to an hour and a half drive away because of morning traffic and major roadworks near the hospital in Coventry and don’t even get me started on the parking there!!! yesterday I tried to detour round them and got lost! On a good day its a 45 mins drive…Or perhaps its an effect of the steroids! Fingers crossed for a better journey today x