most of us have been here. .........

Day 2 in the big steroid house! Insomnia annoying. Everything tastes like poo. Can’t get comfy cos of pain in left side. . . …can’t wait for day 3! what things do you find still taste ok when on oral steroids?

I found chewing gum helped a bit with that horrid metallic taste

diddnt notice any but was eating sweets to get rid of the taste

Just finished my first lot of oral steroids. Only change to taste was with the food I actually was eating at the time. But, they orvthecrelapse ? Make me ache - legs, lower back, ribs. Not moaning, I just didn’t expect to feel worse and I’m not sure they have really solved the double vision thing anyway.

I found that drinking milk helps with the horrible metallic taste in your mouth

Murray Mints - my saviour! If it wasn’t for them, I’d have spent my whole time on IV steroids in the loo, throwing up!

Karen x

i never experianced the horrible taste when i have had 2 seperate lots of iv steriods, i must have been lucky.

I just put about 10 chillis in every meal i ate. But i understand that may not be to everyones liking! Gonna stock up on mints and milk this time. Starting mine on Wednesday as i’ve had a cold and want to make sure it has totally gone. Have had double visison for 5 weeks now. Normal vision is probably gonna freak me out. Has anyone noticed mood changes on steroids? I heard they can make you angry. The first lot didn’t but you never know. I just hated having a face that looked like the moon, not looking forward to that again. How very vain of me!


Hello Helen,

I have have lost count of the amount of steroids I have had. I have to say though that I never had trouble eating while I was on them as these really do stimulate my appetite and I could eat anything that wasn’t running away. The FOUL taste they leave was made bearable by just popping polo mints whenever needed. For the insomnia I have audio tapes and the radio plugged in at all times. Best of luck with this course, as I know just how revolting they are and I wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy.

Take care,


Pineapple chunks,out of a tin,from the big prickly thing or from a sweet shop.


i jsu make sure i drink plenty water when taking them,the taste seem to go away quickly

Oral steroids taste disgusting especially as you swallow the tablet. I do notice that food tastes different, just slightly bleuch… Coffee becomes almost undrinkable.

I’d go with the mints idea or chewing gum. I find I get a very dry mouth with steroids so chewing gum is good for that too.

And Kate_123, I find my mood is terrible on steroids. I get irrationally irritable and quite horribly depressed. Imagine the world’s worst PMS x 50 and you’d have the idea.

Hope the roids help sort out the relapse foryou,


On day five of oral steroid due to a blip. I feel so rotten, no energy, sad, despondent, piddling for Britain and feel so sick like I want to throw up. Cant sleep very well and my symptoms are still there. My right leg is still as numb and right hand is weak. Should I keep going guys. Ive had ms for thirty years almost and 55 now but forgot how horrid I felt when taking steroid. Sorry if I sound like a moaner

I do hope you checked for a UTI before starting the steroids. Your comment about ‘piddling for Britain’ made me suddenly think that my GPs don’t always know they should check for a UTI before starting steroids.

Meanwhile, they do make you feel like crap. When it’s been a while since you took them, you sort of remember that they don’t work instantly and that they don’t make you feel brilliant. But you forget just how terrible they make you feel. And it’s bad.

So, I hope you recover from the relapse soon and that the aftereffects of the steroids are OK. And if you didn’t have your urinalysis checked before the steroids, get it checked before Christmas.


Hi Sue thank you for your comment its really appreciated. Hmm no they didnt but I dont feel ill in that area if you get my drift. I will try and keep going with them thanks Jane x