IUD or Novasure

I have been having trouble with irregular and heavy periods which are also painful so I went to my GP who sent me to hospital for a cystoscopy now I have two choices the Mirena IUD which last for 5 years or Novasure Ablation which is permanent. I have done my research but was curious if any of you have had either procedure done and if you were happy/unhappy? Any feedback would be great!!

Sorry Linz, doesn’t seem that any of us have experience of either of them. I’ve heard of the Mirena but that’s about all.

Hope you get a response on EL and good luck with whichever one you choose… hope it makes your periods easier to handle… as if you haven’t got enough on your plate eh?

Pat x

Hi Linz. Sorry I’ve had no experience of the options you mention but myself and now my daughter have been started on Tranexamic Acid tablets which you take 3 times a day for the first four days of your period. We both suffer really heavy bleeding to the point we’ve both fainted and I’ve been anaemic for most of my adult life. We still have periods but I have less pain and the amount I bleed now has reduced dramatically.

I don’t know if it’s appropriate for you but might be worth chatting to the doctor about. It’s easily reversed and doesn’t affect your fertility as my daughter’s only 16, was started on it at 15. I hope this has suggested another possible route for you. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions you don’t feel comfortable asking on the forum. There are options.

Cath xx