ITV... breaking news

Breaking news… Kim Kardashian has been robbed at gunpoint of jewels

worth millions… Kanye West walks out of concert because of this…

(Also… no cure for MS yet, many people fleeing Iraq still dying in the Mediterranean, world still at war…)

News… yes, BREAKING NEWS?.. NO! (although she appeared to be very upset…)

Thank God we might soon be able to start all over again on Mars now there might be water!..

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i wouldn’t believe it but it must be true if its been on the telly!

do you think kanye and kim will be alright?

i’m shaking inside.

mars is looking good. maybe all the brexit voters should go first.

oh that shaking turned out to be laughter.

thanks for the news flash

carole x

OMG! I can’t believe I missed this. How will they ever cope?

So what if there’s no plan for Brexit, end to war in Syria, least of all a cure for MS (or any one of thousands of heartbreaking diseases)! Who cares?

Just so worried for Kim and Kan.

I’d be praying for them, if only I weren’t an atheist. Oh year, and if I really gave a s**t!!


…I wonder if Sam Allerdyce will offer consultancy services… for a HUGE fee

News schmooze he / she who pays the piper…


Who ?



the one with the big (i mean HUGE arse) paul.

and kanye is the other arse.

carole x

For a “proper” insight checkout Newzoids on Saturday ITV or internet


Kim Kardigan? pah… just so 2014 dah-ling!

Any fool knows, Albrecht Durer is de rigeur these days! So hawt right now!

Did we not recently have a thread on such a topic?

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When I say I’m hot, I’m really cool man.

yea albrecht we love you, you hottie!

carole and the rest of your fans