It's the simple things...

Opening packets of crisps is becoming increasingly difficult. I’ve been using scissors on them when my hands don’t work to open them. Very annoying!
Are crisp manufacturers using yoohoo glue on them nowadays?
It seems like it to me!
Bananas are another bugger, I can’t peel banana skins these days. I’ve been using a knife to chop the end off to let me get at the fruit.
Even more annoying!

Isn’t MS such a good laugh??
It’s the gift that just keeps on giving!

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It’s an adventure for sure. I remember last year when we were getting battered with high winds when I was still living in the southwest and I went to help my dad with some shopping. What should have been a 20 second walk down my road took almost 10 mins with the stick. There are a lot of confidence dampeners but a positive mental attitude, as hard as it is sometimes really helps. Hang in there!


Oh aye Dave having a positive attitude for sure helps doesn’t it? I always try & make a joke out of it all. I’d crack up otherwise I think. Not saying I don’t have my downer moments, cos I do but generally, me taking the piss is the best way for me to cope with it all. I find it helps family & friends aswell though cos they worry as it is & don’t always know what to say when I’m stoating about the place, or tripping up over fresh air/daisys or some other obstacle my drop foot has problems clearing…

My big anniversary this time next year. My good frenemy ms will be 2 decades old! God, that makes me sound really old. I’m not that old, I’m really not… I’m only 36… Only… meh!


All packaging seems to be stuck down with super-glue these days. I’m always having to use scissors!

The best tip anyone ever gave me was how to open jars and bottles. Put on rubber gloves!!! Works every time.

2 decades! Seems like you should get a badge or a gold watch or something. Actually a medal presented by the Queen would be more appropriate!

Hope you’re having a good day. Very sunny with blue sky here in London.

Pat xx


Packaging has been specifically designed to thwart us. My pet grievance at the moment is toothpaste. When more than half the contents has gone, I tend to end up with a twisted plastic mess with the lid still attached. Evil, evil thing it is. Then there’s the so called safety lid on the mouthwash. Where do you press? I can’t see the poxy little tabs, not with my eyesight under electric light.

Then there are belts and trouser buttons/clips. Grrrrrrrrrrr

Best wishes, Steve.

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I’m so glad someone sees it the same way! The last thing I want is pity. My friends take the mickey cos they know I’d rather that than pity. I know what I have, still here so don’t need sympathy. A favourite line is when I’m watching my mates play football (with envy) “You run like an idiot” “You just don’t run” Knife sharp wit my friends have :wink: and don’t worry about age. You’re as young as you feel!

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Seems like we all have “fun” with packets, lids, buttons, zips bottles, picking things up!! Oh dear, I could go on and on!

I have a rubber thing that looks like a boob what fits over the top of jars, bottles and the like, which helps sometimes.

I will let you all imagine the name it is referred to by my hubby and me, but I am sure you will all guess!

Pam x


I’m lol-ing at all your replies. Especially the toothpaste Steve. I have the same problem, but the hard ridged plastic tubes are even worse though. Oh & bottles of bleach? Why are they so difficult? ‘Squeeze here’… Where? I’m squeezing but nowts happening, I still can’t open it. Child proof safety has become Rosie proof cos no matter how hard I try, there’s no getting into them! Pam I know that rubber thing you’re on about, (lol) my OT let me try it last time she was here. I didn’t find it that helpful though, I use the rubbery almost sticky kinda sheet stuff that you can cut into any size. It’s great for opening bottles & things, what a difference it makes. I don’t have any problems getting into boxes of chocolates though. This box of orange matchmakers being a perfect example… Munch munch munch…

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Oh thanks everyone, I’ve had such a laugh reading your posts as I thought packers were taking the pee too. I’m sure the seal on crisp packets has changed as I’m no longer to open them either! I have found that new jars are easier to open if you break the vacuum. I do this by standing it on its head and putting a knife under the edge of the lid, but if it still doesn’t work I run the lid under hot water which expands it.

I’d love a solution to getting into my Oramorph bottle though. It’s got the best kid proof lid of any I’ve come across. The worst part is that the only time I take it is when I’m in a lot of pain, so I’m even weaker than usual!! I got out of doing all the blister packs for my tablets by getting confused and accidentally overdosing, I don’t recommend that technique though. Now the pharmacist puts them in a nomad box. I wonder if there’s an easy option for Oramorph syrup, preferably with a straw as I tend to spill it all when eventually getting the bottle open, adding insult to injury.

All suggestions gratefully accepted. Take care.

Cath xx

I know my sister-in-law means well but she sees me struggling with a bag of crisps and she is up out of her chair “let me help you” she says NO F off you patronising cow says I (actually thats what I think I would never say it) NO says I I am a fully grown man of fifty nine years I will not be beaten by a blooming pack of Walkers plain crisps. She goes back to her seat crest fallen and I feel awful for refusing her help but next time she is there for lunch she does it all over again. I love her to bits but Heather knows better than to even put an opened packet of crisps on my lunch tray. As you said its the little things.

When I read its the little things my head was filled with the paolo nutini song

Hope you are all having a good day I am at the back window watching the birds in the garden

Margate is cold but sunny

XX Don

Hi Catch

What about drawing it up in a syringe? Sort of thing I mean is what is used for young ones being given medicine, hope this makes sense.

Pam x

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Thanks Pam, I’ll try that when I can get the blasted lid off, good idea. I understand the baby proof tops but surely they can have alternatives for stupid fumbling idiots like me.

Cath x