It's that time of year again!

Hello everyone,

So, it’s that time of year again, when the trees blossom and the skies are blue. When the sun is always in view in the cloudless sky, slowly warming the air. kids finally able to go out and play; while adults relax with the sun beating down on their sunscreen covered skin.

Concurrently, it is that time of year when it is so humid it feels as though I am covered in cement; making getting out of bed impossible. When the buzzing in my back happens without pause, driving me insane. When people have to repeat things thrice because the fog in my brain increases more than twofold.

It is safe to say that I well and truly miss the winter!

How are you all handling the weather? I’m am currently failing big time…any tips?

Nora :slight_smile:

Not that I like to complain about nice Weather and especially when i have joined the group less than 10 minutes ago , but yes this Bank Holiday has been spent in hiding. cant sleep at night but cant wake up in the mornings. A bit of a shan when your curtains don,t get opened till 3 in the afternoon :((

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Hi Nora

Apart from when it’s raining or overcast, I tend to find Spring has relatively low humidity. That’s one of the reasons it’s my favourite season, along with the blossoms & sun & birdsong. So with the recent mini heatwave, I was relieved it wasn’t humid as well. I find a heatwave in August is much worse, as there’s usually humidity to match the heat. I guess it depends where we are in the country how humid it is. I help keep my flat cool by opening the windows during the night (I’m 4 floors up, so no chance of being burgled!), then close them in the morning to keep the cool air inside, and hot air outside. And I keep the blinds closed if there’s direct sunlight, otherwise my flat’s like a greenhouse with sunlight streaming in. It’s noticably cooler to come in from outside.


Yes it’s been murder here to, and to top it all it looks like my employer is going to finish me on capability grounds, which has aggravated the heat symptoms with stress, oh well it’s looking cooler over the next few days.

I cant cope with hot weather at all ! I went out to do a bit of food shopping yesterday, and it was all I could do to stand upright, let alone push a shopping trolley! Bleedin’ Uthoffs…!!