It's Monday, it's cold, it's wet it's.....

As it is a foul Monday morning in Sussex:

Appropriate MS joke?

"I bought shoes from a drug dealer.

I don’t know what he laced them with

But I’ve been tripping all day."

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Nice one Steve.

Yes, it’s a foul Monday morning in Sussex-by-the-Sea.

I’m thinking of suing my husband under the Trades Descriptions Act. When I met him and moved to Sunny Sussex, I was assured that everyday is perfect here. Apparently we are protected from bad weather, ‘by the South Downs’, and ‘on a clear day you can see the IOW from here’.

I was not told about days like today.

Sulking Sue

Sue, in Crowborough we have our own special cloud.

It visits regularly and sometimes it comes with that fine misty rain we associate with the north.

But on clear days it’s glorious. We must be due one over the next five years.

Slumbering Steve.

Well folks, I want to be really smug and tell you yesterday and today has been glorious in the wild south west of Ireland.

Before returning to Ireland we lived in the Sunny South East, just outside Eastbourne. It really was that! Long sunny days and temperatures reaching 28c sometimes was not unusual. Hubby worked in Uckfield and we had friends in Crowborough so are familiar with the area having it’s own climate. We returned to Ireland 12 years ago. We seem to have had six months of winter this year, (as opposed to the usual 5) I was ranting all month about wishing we’d moved to live in Spain instead and I suppose it’s too late now…

Pondering Poppy.

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