What's the weather doing?

Hello good people.

The other week I ventured out in the freezing sleet and a wicked south easterly. When I could walk it was never a problem; fifteen brisk paces and you’re warmed up. But on a mobility scooter it’s a cold cold place.

I started me thinking about the weather, you know just that stuff around us. It never used to be a problem.

Here are my thoughts if you wish to read them.


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Just read it Steve, it was good . I’m suffering the affects of the weather,it’s been school holidays and I’ve been al over the place this week but as well as being burned out I got too cold . I’d been out on Friday and then again Saturday . I think being in the wheelchair you can get frozen through . Last night I felt really unwell. Today I’ve done nothing, didn’t even get dressed I’m just lying on the sofa with my heated throw. Michelle and Frazer xx

Be warned. It`s going to get colder this week. Roll on summer. (But not too warm).

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Steve, you’ve got a glorious way with words, I feel as if I’ve just visited all those fascinating places you wrote about - but I stayed dry and warm! Thank you! x