It Gets Worse (High Blood Pressure)

So it seems that having PPMS is not enough, now it appears that I have high blood pressure.
They had three goes to get a low enough measurement when I had my pre-op check. Then when I went to the doctors to get a repeat prescription renewed, he noted that the blood pressure was a little high.

I have bought a home test kit off Amazon and yes, my blood pressure is high.

This is puzzling me, it is not one of the symptoms generally listed for MS.
TI wasn’t highlighted 6 months ago when i had a similar pre-op, so it must have happened fairly recently. that has got me looking for differences and the only two things I can think of is i have not been able to go to the gym and I have started taking LDN.
Reading up, high blood pressure is not associated with LDN.
I know I am older, but 6 months shouldn’t make that much difference, though I am of an age where it is going to be a problem.

Sorry for the long preamble, but has anyone else noticed a problem with high blood pressure when going on to LDN?


Hi Paul,

I don’t know how old you are but certainly as you get older high blood pressure can be a problem for anyone. I take LDN and have high blood pressure but I’ve never connected the two. I take pills which keep the BP down to a normal level. A lot of we msers can’t exercise properly and this doesn’t help of course, but as long as your doctor knows about it and is controlling it, I don’t think you need worry about it unduly.


I take ldn for PPMS and it hasn’t affected blood pressure in the slightest. The last reading taken in June was 114/70, which I believe is perfectly ok. Mind you, I do use a gym regularly and eat a low fat diet, so that probably helps.

Not knowing your blood pressure history, I suspect you are right to identify lack of gym use as a contributory factor and hope you are able to re start soon.

You’ve probably looked at this already, but how’s your salt intake? Food tastes so much nicer with salt, which can send your bp through the roof. Living a low salt life takes a lot of getting used to.

Pre-prepared foods - from cereals and biscuits through to ready meals, takeaways and medicines - can contain relatively high levels of salt as well as unwelcome saturated fats.

Diet’s an emotive subject, so here’s a soundbite from an MS Trust article earlier this year that’s nowt to do with salt, but while I’m on the subject:

"In essence our approach today remains that of encouraging healthy eating principles: a varied diet based on lean meats, wholegrain cereals and low fat dairy products with a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. Eating should be a pleasure, so enjoy your food. It’s your food, your diet and your choice.

“There is better awareness today among health professionals that people with MS care about their diet and use food choice as a self-management tool. As such, diet should be recognised as an important part of holistic care and it would be ideal if everyone had the support to identify a personal nutrition care plan.”

Being healthy with MS isn’t nice, and being unhealthy with MS is even less so :<)

Lolli xx

Maybe you have experienced what I think they call white coat hypertension which is not really the same (basically being anxious in a medical setting, even being anxious about the possibility of getting a high blood pressure reading). How much did it fall over the three goes?